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Sacred Automotive engine rebuilds replace all soft parts and most hard parts including timing belt or chain replacements. It's quite likely that engine rebuilding can save you money compared to engine replacement depending on the engine problem you are faced with and the cost of the parts needed for the repair. Depending on the situation, rebuilding your engine can save you up-to-half of what you would have spent on replacing your engine.


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Auto Engine Repair Rebuilding and Replacement | Sacred Automotive Sacred Atomotive Car Repair Shop focuses on providing a level of customer service which sets us apart from the many auto shops in AlvinTX. Our goal is to provide honest reliable friendly and fast service in order to create lasting relationships with each of our valued customers. We strive to create the most convenient and enjoyable customer experience possible by providing amenities such as complimentary rides to and from your destination free diagnostics 3 year 36000 mile warranties which cover parts and labor towing and rental services available and a comfortable lounge area complete with WiFi cable snacks and beverages. Sacred Automotive are committed to excellence in all that we do from the experienced ASE certified mechanics we employ to the state of the art auto diagnostic equipment in our shop. When major engine problems arise there are several different engine repair options to suit a wide variety of needs. Depending on the type of repairs needed the overall condition of the motor and vehicle and whether you are looking to simply get your vehicle back on the road or want to greatly extend its lifetime some options are a better fit than others. Read on for a brief description of the benefits of and differences between the different options available. For specific questions please feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our ASE certified mechanics and Master Technicians about the best rebuilding or repair options for your vehicle in particular. Repair Original Engine Engine repair refers to repairing or replacing only the specific components which are causing the current problem. This does not necessarily include completely disassembling and cleaning the all components or replacing all of the parts. This is usually the most affordable and best option to solve minor or component-specific problems such as repairing a cracked head gasket. A blown head gasket is a good example of when your car or truck requires major engine repair but not necessarily a complete engine overhaul. Repairing only specific components may not however ensure that you don’t run into

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different engine problems down the road. When considering engine repair it is best to have a thorough engine inspection and take into account the overall condition of the engine including the components which are still currently functioning. Engine Replacement If you engine is not worth rebuilding replacing the engine may be the best option for you. Replacing the engine will add more years to the life of your vehicle and turn a once problematic automobile into a reliable one. Also replacing the engine saves you money on smaller repairs that would of been needed along the way such as belts filters hoses and coolant. Our 1 priority is to give you the best options available for getting your vehicle back on the road in reliable condition. Whether you choose to repair rebuild or replace you engine Automotive Diagnostic Specialties is here to make your auto shop visit as quick and painless as possible. We offer engine repair replacement and rebuilding for late model imports or newer domestic vehicles. Rebuild Original Engine Engine rebuilding or an engine overhaul is done in local automotive repair shops and requires expert diagnostic skills precision and a deep understanding of the vehicle’s theory of operation. This relies heavily on the experience training and skill level of the auto mechanic performing the rebuilding. The quality of parts used also carries a great deal of importance. For this reason it is always best to check a local repair shop’s reviews and credentials before deciding on the best auto repair shop to trust with rebuilding your engine. When comparing engine rebuild cost estimates be sure to ask what hard parts the quote includes. For example Sacred Automotive engine rebuilds replace all soft parts and most hard parts including timing belt or chain replacements.

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