Saponin Glycoside

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Estimation of Saponin Glyucoside


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1 Estimation of Saponin Glycoside Sachin Bhaskar Narkhede Smt. BNB Swaminarayan Pharmacy COllege Salvav, Vapi Gujarat India

Saponin Glycoside:

2 Saponin Glycoside Quantitative determination: Foam index, haemolytic index and fish index. Fish index: Small fish are put into drug solution of various concentration. The reciprocal of the dilution of the drug necessary to kill 60 % of the fish in the course of 1 hour is called the fish index.

Foam index::

3 Foam index: It is dilution of the substance or a drug to be tested which will give a layer of foam 1 cm high when the aqueous solution is shaken in a graduated cylinder for 15 seconds and then allowed to stand for 15 minutes. V

Froth index::

4 Froth index: 1 g powder drug is macerated with 100 ml H20 for 12 hours. Filter and make the volume of filtrate to 100 ml. Take 10 test-tube of equal diameter (1.6 cm). Add different volume of text into these test tubes [1, 2 .... 10 ml] and adjust the volume up to 10 ml

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5 in each test tube. Shake each test tube for 15 seconds vigorously and allow them to stand for 15 minutes and observe. Test tube having foam of 1 cm height is noted and concentration of these is taken into consideration.

Haemolytic index::

6 Haemolytic index: It is the concentration of the drug corresponding to 1 g which causes complete haemnolysis of R.B.C. in the blood. Digitonin standard. 1 g of drug with isotonic NaC1 cool for 1 hour.

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7 The change in absorbance of the supernatant of an erythrocyte suspension is measured after hemolysis by a saponin or a saponin. containing drug. This principle was the basis of the European Pharmacopoeial assay (1st Edition, 1971), which defined the Hemolytic value as 30,000 x a/b,

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8 with a and b representing the required quantities (in g) of standard and substance being tested, respectively, to obtain complete hemolysis. The value for the standard - a saponin mixture extracted from Gypsophila paniculata L. - is 30,000 by definition. One unit is equal to the quantity (in mL) of bovine blood (l/50 dilution) which is totally hydrolyzed by 1 g of substance. There are two drawbacks to this method: (1) surface-active substances other than saponins can interfere; (2) some saponins are not very or not at all hemolytic (glycyrrhizin).

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