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Slide 1: Legal Notice :- When, Why and How to Send?

Slide 2: Time and again, we do not know the statutory importance and meaning of the usual words which we use in an informal manner, engaging a deserving Top Lawyers In India helps in drafting the Legal Notice. Once you Send Legal Notice to opposition party then you cannot make any amendments in that and later on, also you cannot make any contradictory statement from what you have already stated in a Legal Notice. The Notice is sent on a plain paper or on the letterhead of the Advocate In India .

Slide 3: The Process to Send Legal Notice : Step 1:- You can draft the notice by yourself, but you must avail the services of a professional Lawyer In India or attorney. You should hire an advocate who has good drafting skills. The notice can be sent in any Indian Language, usually English is the preferred choice. The notice should be sent to the address of the person against whom you have the grievances.

Slide 4: Step2:- While consulting with the Advocate In India , you should explain the information in detail with names of parties involved; address, dates when commitments were made and not fulfilled, challenges and issues faced, etc. You should mention the reasons clearly which compelled you to send the notice.

Slide 5: Step 3:- The lawyer then drafts the notice clearly mentioning the reason for sending the notice in a legal language, all previous communications regarding the cause of notice and offer the recipient a reasonable 15 days or 30 days or 60 days’ time to settle the matter by negotiating and by performing the desired action.

Slide 6: Step 4:- The notice should be duly signed by both the client and the advocate and send it through Registered Post. Keep a receipt of the post office in duplicate likewise as notice . Step 5:- The expectation is after the receiving of the notice by the other party; he will reply back, but as a standard best practice the advocate in some time calls up the other party.

Slide 7: So, these are step by step process about how to Send Legal Notice in India. you can personally send the legal notice without the aid of any lawyer however it is suggested to draft the notice through a qualified lawyer   Need to Send Legal Notice by expert lawyers? Click here to Proceed

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