Choosing a right domain through free domain suggestion tool

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Choosing a right domain through free domain suggestion tool for startup


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Choosing a right domain through free domain suggestion tool for startup Here are some useful tips for choosing a domain name for your website:  Make it relevant Your domain name has to communicate the right message to your visitors. People can easily get a better understanding of what your WordPress website and business do if you make your domain name relevant to your operations. Make sure the words that make up your domain name don’t mean different things to different people.  Keep it short The more the merrier doesn’t work when you’re looking for a brandable domain name. It’s better to limit it to just one or two words. Some of the world’s most popular websites have domain names made up of just nine characters.  Easy to spell Your brandable domain name should be easy to spell. An easy to spell domain name is always easier to remember. Avoid words that are easily misspelled or words that carry hyphens numbers and unusual characters. If you happen to own a domain that contains a number you might want to consider buying one where that number can be displayed as a word.  Be unique Choosing a unique domain name for your site will help you distinguish your brand from your competitors. Even if your business is in an industry where names are similar look for something that would make your domain name stand out and appear easily identifiable. Choosing your TLD

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Things have changed a lot since the early days of 1985. We now have domain name extensions TLDs such as .pro .xyz and even .pizza. Combine this with the hundreds of country-related domain names such as .nl and .nz and you’ll realize that things have become a bit blurry. The question now is: do these domain extensions have any impact on the visibility of your WordPress website There are approximately 200 ranking factors in Google search engine algorithm with the possibility of more being added. Your choice of TLD is only one such factor. Therefore it’s safe to say it will have little or no effect on the visibility or success of your website. However the right TLD will help your business in many ways. As of February 2017 the number of TLDs is more than 1000. With this many domain extensions available it can be difficult to identify one that would best serve your business interests. The following tips can help you make that decision:  Consider your target location If your business caters to customers from a specific location — the UK for instance — then using a .uk TLD is the best option. A country or geo- specific TLD will help you rank for the countries where people are searching for local content. Even though search results can contain any type of TLD Google is more likely to disclose local results for country- specific searches. This means that if your WordPress website offers content that is being searched for in a particular country and your domain extension is tied to that country then your website will appear as part of the local results.  Go industry-specific

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There are so many industry-related TLDs that you can choose to represent exactly what your business does. For example there is .tech for technology companies .food for food .tv and .fm for television and entertainment.  Use dot com A large percentage of websites use .com domains. If you plan for your website to be among the top movers and shakers online you should consider choosing a .com extension.  Buy from domain marketplace If a .com is taken. Then in that case you should buy .com with a similar kind of name. Many domain name marketplaces sell a domain for startups. But now you can generate a domain name through domain name generator for free of cost. A website like can provide you domain free and you can register it at a regular price

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