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CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL EXPO (CIEXPO), 2018 will be held in Calgary (AB). It is an extensive Expo on Trade and Export. CI EXPO will provide Canadian SMEs to explore trade and business opportunities in Canada and North America. It is an incredible outlet to meet and Network with leading Canadian Businesses, as well as Government Agencies, officials and citizens at large.


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New Customers: At the CII EXPO you can network with overseas companies to increase your customer base, as well as build strong partnerships to grow your business. Existing Customers: CII EXPO will help strengthen your bonds with your initial contacts while also marketing your new products to a vast customer base in a face-to-face setting (87% of surveyed marketers believe that direct communication - face to face with customers, partners and representatives of the media - is necessary as element of marketing strategy for the company).


In Summary CII EXPO Allows You To: Identify and strengthen relationships with potential overseas customers. Showcase your company products and services to enter the Canadian Market. Meet government officials and gain quality insight into the Canadian Economy. Strengthen your company brand.


Meet and socialize with a large number of business representatives , prospective suppliers & vendors from India and Canada.


Businesses Who Can Exhibit


Benefits of CII EXPO 2018 Demonstrate the company's presence in the market (says 83% of respondents). Presentation of new products (79%). Maintain contact with existing customers (78%). Replacement and acquisition of information (78%). Acquiring new customers (77.6 %). Increase knowledge on Improving the image of the company (76%). Increase knowledge of products (75%). Identification of customer needs (70 %). Enter into sale agreements (64%). To influence the decisions of customers (6%). Increase awareness of the product (58 % of companies).


Exchange and gather information about the market (50 % of companies). Identify customer needs (50 % of companies),to inuence the decisions of customers (33 % of companies). Complete, synthetic and neutral information. Excellent comparability of oers . The possibility of objective assessment. 54% of visitors came to the fair to see the new products or services. 48% of visitors were looking for information. 40% would like to be updated with new technologies. 15% attended fairs to establish business contacts. Benefits of CII EXPO 2018



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