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This article tells about top five banks in India and its establishes


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TOP FIVE BANKS IN INDIA: To know about below following listed top five banks in India 2017 India is the one of the second largest country in the Asian continent. Also India is over 125 billion population presenting to second biggest population country in the world. Initially every countries economical developing main reasons and plays vital role in banks. Because banks are significant part of the country’s economy and financial wealth. Thus this economical developing definitely India is needy on these banks. Today the number of banks is increasing every year and yet the foreign countries are also like to invest on India. All type of banks in India is under controlling and governed by reserve bank of India. Now government conducts one of the best bank awareness programs such as JAN DHAN YOJANA this planning to every Indian citizen have an account to without crediting money to the banks. It means zero balance using to create the bank account to the all Indian citizens. This program through government is promoting the banking in our country. Now banks are recruiting employees to conducting bank exams. So that reasons only the most of IBPS PO Exam Coaching Classes in Chennai conducting best training to the students. Below listed out the top five banks in India: This information depends on the customer’s satisfactions quality services to the customers and also that banks total revenue based describing here. 1. State bank of India 2. ICICI bank 3. Punjab national bank 4. Bank of Baroda 5. HDFC bank STATE BANK OF INDIA: State bank of India is first established on 1955 and serves all over the country. The SBI bank has over 3lakh employee in India and also the bank had presenting 27000 branches in India. The Headquarters is located in Mumbai Maharashtra. ICICI BANK: ICICI is one of the international banks in India and it is the one of the best banks in India. ICICI bank total value is 99 billion and it has presenting over 3540 branches to overall the country. ICICI bank had 11000 ATM centers in the country. PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK: The Punjab national bank total assets are over 90.9 billion and it also one of the best banks in India. The bank had around 5800 branches in the country and presenting 6000 ATM centers in India. Banks of Baroda: Banks of Baroda is one of the oldest banks in our country and it has been offering amazing services to the customers. This bank was initially established in 1908. The total value of this bank is around 73 billion. Bank of Baroda presenting over 4200 branches in all over the country and also had 2000 ATM centers available in this bank. HDFC BANK: HDFC banks is provides one of the best service to their customers for while longtime. The HDFC bank was established in 1994. The total value of HDFC bank is around 66.7 billion. It has presenting over 3200 branches and 12000 ATM centers available in all over the country. Read more topics: SBI PO Exam Coaching in Chennai Best Institute For Bank Coaching In Chennai

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