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My ‘3D Approach’ to Science & Technology:

My ‘3D Approach’ to Science & Technology Combining High Level Concepts with Deep Structural Analyses Sabine K McNeill - 3D Metrics

In the Beginning…:

In the Beginning… What is a Computer? The Best of Reader’s Digest IBM, Honeywell, Bull - Munich Testing, testing… Mathematics and programming - Darmstadt IBM 7094 CERN – European Centre for Nuclear Research – Geneva, Switzerland IBM 1401 CDC 6000 – 3000 Machine language Memory dumps Base 8 (octal) – Base 16 (hexadecimal)

The Accident: January 10th, 1973:

The Accident: January 10 th , 1973 The Event “This must be the end – this must be the ocean” From Patriarchy to ‘ Synarchy ’ – the joint hierarchy with technology The Medical Establishment American doctors are so strict Your pain is psychological You won’t suffer when you get older The Legal Establishment You should have come 10 years ago The Financial Establishment www.monies.cc The Political Establishment Forum for Stable Currencies



‘Micro Quantum & Macro Cosmos’:

‘Micro Quantum & Macro Cosmos’

1979: My First Computer:

1979: My First Computer Apple II “This is what I have done” Qume Printer 1981: Peace Network => Peace Child in London Turning Points @ St. James’s 1983: NetReach Networking Computer Networks & Reaching Out to People by Computer Visicalc => Excel EIES – Electronic Information Exchange System

The Story of my Discoveries:

The Story of my Discoveries Life and its Lessons Turning Points Character Forming Experiences November 1996: Odyssey 3000 Me and my Laptop Splendid Intellectual Isolation June 2005: Smart Knowledge Management (R)evolutionary Sciences Software based Visualisations Data based Interpretations October 2005: 3D Metrics Ltd Disruptive Technologies ‘3D Software’ ‘3D Hardware’ ‘3D Measuring Devices’

1996: Prime Numbers on Wooden Beads:

1996: Prime Numbers on Wooden Beads 3D Realities : Seeing, Measuring and Comparing From Numbers to Measuring Counting Objects Counting Measuring Units Meter / Kilogram / Second 3D Writing : Words, Numbers and Images From Texts to Tables Opposites / Polarities Old / New / Difference ‘3D Glossary’: Naming, Defining, Explaining 3D Coding: Data Base, Optimizing behind the Screen, Visualizing on Screen From Fortran to Visual Basic Transformations Interpolation / Extrapolation / Layering Software Aided Thinking Expressing my Thinking: Visio and Rational Rose for Diagrams Excel graphics plus data base MindManager mind maps Concordance for word lists

‘3D TimeData’ – the 1st Prototype:

‘3D TimeData’ – the 1 st Prototype New Method of Interpolation

‘Visual Data Intelligence’:

‘Visual Data Intelligence’ The 2 nd Prototype: Method 1: New algorithms for Extrapolation (Forecasting)

‘Visual Data Intelligence’:

‘Visual Data Intelligence’ Method 2: Layering Complex or Multi- Dimensional Data

‘Visual Data Intelligence’:

‘Visual Data Intelligence’ Methods 1 & 2 combined Layering Multi- Dimensional Data

Visual Software Intelligence:

Visual Software Intelligence Numerical Data Interpolation / Extrapolation / Layering Spherical Modelling Simulating Time / Emulating Light Visual Statistics Shapes / Colours 3D Metrics Quantifying Qualities

The Morale:

The Morale Magic of Networking Right information & right people at the right time Learn what you need to learn when you need to learn Keep learning Trust yourself: Inner Voice and Inner Drummer Think your thoughts Feel your feelings Harmony between Self and Environment

User Interfaces for Fundamental Software :

User Interfaces for Fundamental Software User Interfaces

Perceiving 3D => ‘3D Thinking’:

Perceiving 3D => ‘3D Thinking’ Philosophy Knowledge - Concepts Generalising Science Logic - Analysis Quantifying Measuring Religion Beliefs - Icons Visualising

Small is Beautiful => Micro is Powerful => Nano is Wonderful:

Small is Beautiful => Micro is Powerful => Nano is Wonderful ‘3D Software’ Visual Intelligence ‘3D Measuring Devices’ Light-Based Qualities ‘3D Hardware’ Analogue / Digital Storage Processor / Translator 3D Output Device

More on...:

More on... www.3d-metrics.com Portal to ‘software lenses’, ‘About’ and blog www.3d-metrics.me New blog for business rather than science http://3dmetricuniverse.wordpress.com/ My scientific world view or philosophical implications sabine@3d-metrics.com

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