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Three Innovative Software Methods - with Focus on Re-Visualizing Images


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‘Visual’ and ‘Metric 3D’:

‘Visual’ and ‘Metric 3D’ Seeing the Invisible and Measuring the Immeasurable with “Software Lenses” Sabine K McNeill

3 Software Methods:

3 Software Methods Forecasting Time Series Any interval Finance, climate change Layering Complex Data Business intelligence Governmental statistics Re-Visualizing Images Health, life sciences, pharmaceuticals Materials research

Sickle cells (anaemia) :

Sickle cells (anaemia) Seeing more about cells and their environment applies to sickle cells, stem cells and red and white blood cells as examples. The offer is to let you define what you want to differentiate in terms of cell characteristics.

Green sickle cells:

Green sickle cells Different colours show up, too. But the question is: what interests you in terms of qualitative characteristics? What differences do you want to quantify?


Mammograph Only human experts can tell the difference between ‘cancerous’ and healthy. But the software can give novel quantifications to aid in decision making.

Stem cells:

Stem cells

Red & white Blood Cells:

Red & white Blood Cells

A Virtual Cut:

A Virtual Cut

Reference Resolutions:

Reference Resolutions Resolutions for Calibrating single instruments Comparing different instruments

Beautiful Brains:

Beautiful Brains These images are meant to show that the concepts behind the software are so generic that they can not only reveal more detail and accuracy about image content but also the generating imaging technology.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Infrared images taken at different times reveal the birth of supernova Cassiopeia. The transition between images can now be newly investigated. Oct 2, 2006 Jan 23, 2007 Aug 28, 2007 Jan 8, 2008

Jupiter - Hubble Telescope:

The parameters of investigation and visualization are tailored by image experts according to - domain - length scale and imaging technology. Jupiter - Hubble Telescope


Terahertz The imaging technology is as important a contributor as the image expert. Our software adds ‘smartness’ to the expertise of technologists and images.

Any Imaging Technology:

Any Imaging Technology What can be measured: Physical, chemical, biological and other qualities What for? Quality control Time comparisons Process analysis.

New Instrument of Investigation:

New Instrument of Investigation “Humboldt had a horror of the single fact, believing that in order to explore any one thing, one needs to approach it from all sides... Every discovery opens up the imagination further, stimulating more discovery: it enlarges the sphere of ideas, excites a taste for investigation, while the creation of new instruments of observation increases the intelligence.” Theodore Zeldin, An Intimate History of Humanity , London 1994 Measuring ‘on screen’ Time series at any interval Measurements from any application Digital images from any technology.


Contacts More is on http://3d-metrics.com http://3dmetrics.me.uk http://3dmetricuniverse.wordpress.com Or by email from sabine@3d-metrics.com T: +44 20 7328 3701 M: +44 7968 039 141

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