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Artificial Selection: 

Artificial Selection Look at the difference between these species of dog below:


Wild dogs Terriers Collies Viemerana


What were the differences between the dogs? Size Colour Muscle development Length of coat Job Nature

Where have all these different species come from?: 

Where have all these different species come from? All these species are related to the wolf. But how?


Over thousands of years man has selected characteristics in dogs that are useful….. Very small dogs Used for pets Large hunting dogs Strong & powerful Large working dogs Strong and athletic


Artificial selection is the gradual improvement of animal and plant characteristics over time, for man’s benefit.


This artificial selection of characteristics happens in plants as well.. In the wild there are various species of corn plant


Good point: Strong stem Bad point: Small head Good point: Huge head of grain Bad point: Drought sensitive 1 2 3 4 Bad point: Small root Good point: strong roots Bad point: Small plant Good point: Disease resistant


Good point: Strong stem Good point: Huge head of grain Super CORN! Good point: Strong roots Good point: Disease resistant


Look what has happened to the varieties of the corn over last few hundred years.


Look at the variety of plants that have been artificially selected from mustard!


Growing lots of different varieties of wheat………… ……looking for new characteristics.

Things I must know about artificial selection: 

Things I must know about artificial selection A.S. is the gradual improvement of organisms characteristics – for humans benefit. A.S. takes hundreds of years We have A.S. lots of animals and plants A.S. animals & plants produced higher yields: 1. more milk 2. more meat 3. more fruit

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