Flipside side of moving

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The flipside of moving:

The flipside of moving

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    Moving is thrilling experience provided you have the right movers at your service.

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Thrills aside, moving brings with it some bad experiences as well. You will not only have to deal with damages but also have to part with some emotionally-valuable-items out of no-choice.

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Packers usually appear at your doorsteps with just one objective in mind… to somehow wrap up the whole thing and leave. So if you don’t guide them properly, they will do it in the way they are trained in, which may result in damage of your valuables.

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Manhandling of delicate items also happens during moving. Manhandling may not be the right word here, but just put as a ‘word of caution’. Sometimes you may pack crockery or other breakable items in a carton and forget to label it. Amidst the packing bustle, such items might come under other heavy articles and get damaged.

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You cannot expect the packers to handle breakable objects with care unless you label the cartons. So, labeling of the cartons is a must.

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Just as the breakable ones, big objects like furniture also don’t escape from damages. After moving you are likely to end up with shaky chairs, broken mirrors, etc.; if not a scratch or dent in the almirah is for sure. How to avoid this: Think of selling off your old furniture and getting new ones from your new location. It will help you save on repairs.

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You may not agree but unpacking is the messiest affair in moving. Your rooms will be dumped with boxes and sticky tapes. Before you settle down you will have to clean up the mess.

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Also, if you fail to plan your move beforehand, you can find everything being put jumbled in your rooms and you running around in search of a fitting place for your T.V. set, almirah , tables, chairs, etc.

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Always choose the best movers with a good track record for best results

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