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Enabling the world to feed itself Licensing state-of-the-art urea plants

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Stamicarbon 03 Maire Tecnimont 04 Stami Urea: a full life cycle philosophy 08 LAUNCH TM series: creating your plant 10 ADVANCE TM series: optimizing your plant performance 21 Support and plant staf training 23 Optimize plant output 25 Improve product quality 26 Improving safety and environmental impact 27 Maintain the plant and equipment renewal 28 EVOLVE TM series: upgrading your existing plant 32 EVOLVE TM CAPACITY 34 EVOLVE TM EMISSION 35 EVOLVE TM OPTIMIZER 35 Knowledge sharing 37 References 38 Contact details 39 CONTENTS

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The United Nations expect the global population to grow to well over 8 billion over the next 3 decades. Arable land isn’t expanding at the same pace. Growing prosperity worldwide demands six times more fertilizer than required now for rice or grain. This all adds up to increased pressure on our agricultural resources. Creating the right conditions for food security will mean improving agricultural production increasing crop yields and farming in ever more sustainable ways. Of equal importance are the challenges we face to maintain air and soil quality for future generations. As pioneers with a higher purpose we believe we can contribute to enabling the world to feed itself and improve the quality of life. Over the coming pages we’ll guide you through our market- leading urea expertise and full lifecycle support services. We hope to show you how we can make a contribution to improve yield food security and ultimately the quality of life for all. 02

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03 As the world market leader in design licensing and development of urea plants for the fertilizer industry we apply our expertise knowledge and experience in several areas on fertilizers emission reduction technologies for improved air quality and all technologies for the integration of urea and adjacent processes. Your reliable urea partner Launched in 1947 we have been at the forefront of developments and innovations when it comes to urea. This has allowed us to gain pure knowledge that has in turn helped us to excel in our feld. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure that your plants are safe require a minimum number of equipment and run efciently during a long lifespan. As the market leader for decades we are proud to be a founding partner of over 250 urea plants using our technologies around the world and having carried out over 90 revamp projects. Stamicarbon’s headquarters are in Sitard The Netherlands with representative ofces in Russia and China. Together with our excellent network of reputable partners we can provide all the technologies equipment products and related services you will need to contribute to improving the food supply to the world. STAMICARBON

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MAIRE TECNIMONT Stamicarbon is the innovation leading technology provider and licensing company of Maire Tecnimont Group. The group is focused on plants for the hydrocarbon processing industries Oil Gas Petrochemicals and Fertilizers with competences in Power Generation and Infrastructure. Maire Tecnimont Group has gained an unrivalled reputation and an enviable track record in managing and completing successfully and safely numerous complex lump sum turnkey projects all in diferent contexts worldwide. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange the Group is headquartered in Milan but is present in over 30 countries. It controls 45 operating companies around the world and can count on about 4300 employees. To fnd out more about Maire Tecnimont and its activities visit 04

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Fertilizers provide the essential nutrients that crops need to grow to be strong and to resist diseases. The nutrients are divided into two groups. Primary nutrients are Nitrogen N Phosphors P and Potassium K. These are often combined into an NPK blend. The secondary nutrients Sulphur S Calcium Ca and Magnesium Mg are needed in smaller amounts for crop growth. CROP NUTRIENTS AND FERTILIZERS 06

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THE NEED OF FERTILIZERS As crops grow they absorb nutrients directly from the soil. To maintain a rich and fertile growing environment these nutrients need to be returned to the soil in order to prevent it from being depleted or crop production will stagnate or even cease. UREA AND CROP NUTRITION Since its discovery in 1773 urea is the most important nitrogen-based fertilizer in the world. Produced from natural gas and air through derivatives ammonia and carbon dioxide it’s a white crystalline organic compound that contains about 46 nitrogen. The vast majority of urea is used in the agricultural sector as a fertilizer to increase crop yield. Some 200 million tons of urea is produced each year more than 80 of which is used to fertilize crops. UREA MARKET The global urea market is growing by more than 3 annually. This means that around seven new urea plants need to be built worldwide each year. Stamicarbon is capable of dealing with all challenges when developing and building a new plant. By delivering Stami Urea technologies equipment products and services for the design and development of state-of-the-art urea production facilities we provide the best-in-class solution and will support you in every step of your journey. 07

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With continuous support through the whole life cycle of your plant regardless of the stage your plant is at we ofer you tailor-made technology solutions products and/or services that match your needs. With three proven solutions that suit a wide range of real world requirements we address your questions and requests. We call these our LAUNCH™ ADVANCE™ and EVOLVE™ series. Your plant’s life cycle starts with launching the design execute engineering procurement and fnally construction of your plant. Afer the LAUNCH™ phase of the plant you enter into the next stage - ADVANCE™. Our products and services optimize the plant’s performance. Further we provide you with the means to upgrade your plant to EVOLVE™ to the next level. STAMI UREA: A FULL LIFE CYCLE PHILOSOPHY Our engagement and commitment doesn’t stop afer signing the contract and building your plant. We have developed an extensive technology product and service portfolio for urea plants. We distinguish ourselves from the competition with our high quality standards and our Full Life Cycle philosophy. TM TM TM 08

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LAUNCH™ Creating your plant Launch a new plant with all technologies products and services needed for successful sustainable and profitable urea production. ADVANCE™ Optimizing your plant Advance your plant performance with products and services to: • Support and train plant staff • Optimize plant output • Improve product quality • Improve safety and environmental impact • Maintain the plant and equipment renewal EVOLVE™ Upgrading your plant Evolve your plant to the next level with revamp and debottlenecking to: • Increase product capacity • Reduce energy consumption • Reduce emission output 09

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The Stami Urea LAUNCH™ series is a group of technologies products and services to ensure an efective design and optimal development of a new plant. From the moment you start to investigate the possibilities of building a urea plant there are several economic and technical choices to be considered. Stamicarbon will support you in this orientation phase and will be your partner throughout the whole journey of process design project management and through to plant start-up. LAUNCH™ SERIES: CREATING YOUR PLANT 10

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Project Development Feasibility Studies Technical Commercial Proposal Process Design Basic Design Proprietary Equipment Detailed Engineering Procurement Construction Pre-Commissioning Training Project Development Whether you work with a government seeking to monetize natural gas resources or secure national fertilizer supply or you are interested in diversifying your business activities or you’re an investor you’ll need to make two fundamental decisions – what to invest in and where. Fertilizers may be a lucrative option for many an ammonia-urea plant in particular has shown a good return on investment afer all urea is the world’s most used fertilizer. At a very early stage we like to be engaged in developing urea plant projects. Our activities can include researching project feasibility exploring conceptual plant designs evaluating investment cost identifying equity/debt fnancing possibilities and assessing Return-On-Investment determining and involving relevant parties in the value chain and supporting the permiting process to successfully start the urea plant construction project. Feasibility studies We support you with feasibility studies including Front End Engineering and Design from a market logistical regulatory economical and technical perspective. These studies will result in beter understanding of the technical and economic viability of the urea project which is important for the bankability and fnal investment decision of the urea project. Technology and Commercial Proposal Based on the plants feasibility study we design a technology solution that best fts your needs. A commercial proposal will be generated containing the technology specifcations prices guarantees and conditions of use. TM 11

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We are well known for our technology solutions since inventing CO 2 stripping in the 1960s we are dedicated to continuously improve and innovate our technologies. This has inspired us to develop the following technologies: LAUNCH™ Pool Reactor Design The UREA2000Plus ® Pool Reactor is a low plant height design with a minimal amount of piping and high-pressure equipment and piping by integrating the pool condenser and a vertical reactor into one equipment piece: the pool reactor resulting in great savings on capital cost. This design is perfectly suited for capacities typically up to about 2500 metric tons per day mtpd. SOLUTIONS FOR MELT SYNTHESIS 12

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LAUNCH™ Pool Condenser Design Urea 2000Plus ® Pool Condenser is a widely used design with optimal heat transfer excellent process stability and high on-stream times. This design includes a high-pressure pool condenser combined with a relatively short vertical reactor and makes it the most efficient technology for capacities from about 2500 up to 6000 metric tons per day mtpd. LAUNCH™ Mega Capacity Design An alternative for the large capacities up to 6000 mtpd is to apply the Mega Capacity Design from the EVOLVE™ series for a launch plant. In this design the additional stripping and condensing capacity is made available by installing an additional section in parallel to the urea synthesis section. This unique design allows for equipment to be designed for already proven capacities. LAUNCH™ Low Elevation Design Our Low Elevation Design has a different layout with the synthesis section at a lower elevation from the ground. The total plant height is brought down to only 22 meters irrespective of the plant capacity. A low elevation of the synthesis section makes construction work easier and reduces investment cost. LAUNCH™ Low Opex Design With our LAUNCH™ Low Opex Design we minimize the steam intake to the urea plant to an unprecedented low level resulting in the most energy efficient design available on the market. 13

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Process design and basic engineering Based on your technology choice we work on a comprehensive Process Design Package PDP and Basic Engineering Package BEDP. This contains all engineering specifcations and criteria to enable your Engineering Procurement and Construction EPC contractor to make the detailed engineering and build your plant. Equipment supply The design of proprietary high-end equipment needs to be best in class to secure best performance and a long operating lifetime. Stamicarbon’s equipment supply services are based on outstanding design and engineering expertise combined with our in-depth knowledge of the fabrication process for which we only work with best in class vendors qualifed by us. By maximized integration of our work process with the work process of the vendor we can ofer the shortest delivery times possible. OUR DESIGN PACKAGE INCLUDES: • Process basis of design • Material balance steam balance and cooling water balance • Piping and instrumentation diagrams PID’s • General design and material specifications • Equipment data sheets • Process flow diagrams • Equipment piping specifications • Instrumentation electrical specifications • Design HSE and safety criteria • Civil and structural design criteria • Plot Plan • Operating Analysis Manual

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SOLUTIONS FOR UREA FINISHING Urea finds its ways in many applications. We offer finishing technology solutions for solid granules prills and pastilles as well as in liquid form. Granulation Granulation is regarded the best suited end-product for export purposes and storage in large quantities because of its higher crushing strength and lower dust formation. Stamicarbon fluid bed granulation technology produces a superior product that complies with all required product quality standards. The key of our technology success is the minimum amount of formaldehyde allowing for substantial savings. Our design has the world’s lowest dust production ensuring less fouling and leading to long production times between the cleaning cycles. Furthermore thanks to our unique proprietary scrubbing design Stamicarbon urea granulation meets the lowest plant emissions available in the market. Prilling Prilling is the most cost-effective method of finishing and very suitable for local product distribution. Stamicarbon designs rotating prilling buckets through which the liquid urea droplets are evenly distributed in the prilling tower crystallizing to become prills when falling down in countercurrent with the prevailing air draft. Using an optional technique of seeding the impact-strength can be enhanced even further leading to better resistance to degradation during product handling. 16

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Pastillation An enriching addition to the traditional finishing techniques is the Rotoformer ® pastillation process designed by Sandvik Process Systems which Stamicarbon can handily integrate with your urea plant. The pastilles can be produced at low investment costs low operating costs and with a minimum of emissions. Moreover as pastillation is already economically feasible at small capacities starting from 120 mtpd it is ideally suited for producing specialty fertilizers and technical urea. Urea Ammonium Nitrate UAN An alternative way of fertilization is the liquid Urea Ammonium Nitrate UAN. It has a low crystallization temperature facilitating transport and storage while application by spraying devices is easy and economical. UAN also allows for a more uniform distribution and portioning also if mixing with other liquid fertilizers is desired. The Stamicarbon Partial-Recycle CO 2 Stripping Design is ideal for the manufacture of UAN solutions at low investment costs. Diesel Exhaust Fluids DEF / AdBlue ® More stringent emission standards require vehicles to significantly reduce their NOx engine emissions. Therefore Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF or AdBlue ® is sprayed into the exhaust reducing the NOx gases to nitrogen and oxygen so clean air. As a licensor of urea technology Stamicarbon was in the ideal position to develop a state-of-the-art solution taking into account all regulations and requirements. We have thoroughly investigated all the requirements evaluated the options and have designed a cost effective solution for you ensuring the highest quality product. Technical Grade Urea for Melamine Resins and Pharmaceutical applications Melamine is used in the coating layer on tabletops work surfaces and laminate floors or as molding powder for kitchenware. The main feedstock for the production is urea. By using our unique knowledge of both urea and melamine we implement the most effective solution for any type of coupling between a new or existing urea and a melamine plant. 17

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Engineering Procurement and Construction We can support you with our network of licensed contractors that have a wealth of experience in implementing our state-of-the-art technology. As an independent licensor and partner in related services we cooperate with many contractors around the globe. During the EPC phase we can support in reviewing design documents and HAZOP activities. Training Personnel are key to successful operation. We conduct various customized training courses for operators and the maintenance crew on site or at Stamicarbon’s premises. Plant pre-commissioning and Start-up During the pre-commissioning stage our engineers complete a thorough check to ensure that everything has been built according to the Process Instrumentation Design specifcations PIDs. Amongst others we check the physical layout of the plant accessibility logics water-based fushing and metering. Finally we support you in the frst start-up of the urea plant up to full capacity and completion of the acceptance test. At the stage your plant is up and running you are able to produce the highest quality urea. 18

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Equipment Replacement Equipment Redesign Relining Emission Reductions Mechanical Services Lifetime Assessment Plant Staff Training Troubleshooting Process Optimization Tools Plant Inspections Additives A fully optimized urea plant has an extended life increased output and optimized energy efciency highest safety standards and exceeds environmental regulations. Our ADVANCE™ series of Full Life Cycle services gives you a choice of product and service options for optimal plant performance. Our ADVANCE™ series ensures the smooth and efcient operation of your plant in fve areas: 1. Support and plant staf training 2. Optimize p lant output 3. Improve product quality 4. Improve safety and environmental impact 5. Maintain the p lant and equipment renewal ADVANCE™ SERIES: OPTIMIZING YOUR PLANT PERFORMANCE TM 21

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SUPPORT AND PLANT STAFF TRAINING People are the key assets of your business who require continuous training and education for optimal performance. Stamicarbon can ofer exclusive on-site training tailored to the specifc need of your plant staf related to operations technical mechanical or maintenance. These trainings provide theoretical learning as well as plant simulator training or practical operation experience. Stamicarbon also ofers regional training and tailor-made training at various levels of expertise and topics. Typical topics for ADVANCE™ INSTRUCT: • Philosophy of the process lay-out and fundamental theory of process design • Operating modes: plant start-up plant shut-down block-in draining key plant-parameters • Operating case discussions and trouble shooting • Process control: critical instruments logics safety philosophy • Urea process simulator • Plant equipment inspection techniques • Plant lifetime assessment philosophy • Corrosion and welding phenomena in traditional steel materials • Repair procedures and failure mechanisms • SAFUREX ® mechanical properties process advantages and welding training • Mechanical aspects and maintenance experience

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Plant or Equipment Assessment Study Optimization of your urea plant is ofen focused on improving the stability and on-stream time of its operation increasing plant load of your full process or specifc equipment operation. It typically starts with a Plant Assessment Study entailing both on-site and in-ofce activities to determine its current condition and performance. Proprietary urea plant models are used to perform such assessment based on the actual plant data allowing botlenecks to be identifed and the plant to be optimized by redesign and updated operator instructions. Through optimization of your plant’s equipment and processes you are ensured that your urea plant is not only operated in a sustainable manner but also produces at maximum capacity with minimum energy consumption and with minimum emissions. To ensure your urea plant operates with maximum efciency we developed a range of plant operation services to improve performance production and energy consumption. Throughout a Plant Assessment Study we can investigate to: • Minimize ammonia consumption • Minimize energy consumption • Minimize effluents • Maximize plant on-stream time • Maximize plant capacity OPTIMIZE PLANT OUTPUT 25

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ADVANCE™ COAT ADVANCE™ COAT is an innovative coating to increase the moisture-resistance improve the handling and storage properties and replace the formaldehyde in prills. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our customers specialized institutes and equipment suppliers to constantly improve the quality of the urea product. We ofer several products and services related to fuid bed granulation prilling Urea Ammonia Nitrate solution UAN Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF/AdBlue® technology and pastillation. An example of a recent product to improve product quality is our ADVANCE™ COAT. IMPROVE PRODUCT QUALITY While operation conditions and client requirements will change over the years of production Stamicarbon can support you in maintaining and improving your product quality so you not only meet but exceed your expectations. ADVANCE™ COAT With its very effective anti-caking and water- repellent properties ADVANCE™ COAT has superior performance. Applying it to your prilling product: • Enhances product storage by lower dust formation • Improves product handling and shipping • Replaces formaldehyde in your product Prilled urea coated with ADVANCE™ COAT does not cause foaming in technical applications. It is also entirely safe for use as a cattle feed supplement. 26

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IMPROVE PRODUCT QUALITY IMPROVE SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT There are various potential hazards in a urea plant. We ofer assistance with HAZOP studies and support to keep the risks managed and under control. We prevent the potential accumulation of combustibles in your plant by a hydrogen removal unit. We monitor your plant integrity by continuous leak monitoring for lined high-pressure equipment. We advise on improvement of emissions by assessment of your current plant and reducing your emissions by improving your operation instructions equipment design or introducing new technologies. ADVANCE™ PURIFY Thermal Treatment Technology In general the continuous ammonia emission sources in a modern CO 2 stripping process are limited to: • Vent gases from the low-pressure absorber • Vent gases from the atmospheric absorber • Breathing system of the atmospheric storage tanks Unique benefits of ADVANCE™ PURIFY Thermal Treatment Technology: • Most environmentally friendly solution for off-gas treatment in the urea melt plant • Lowest emissions available for urea melt plant with guaranteed ammonia NH 3 and NOx emission. Expected NH 3 emission of 1 ppm • Complementary 20 bar steam generation • Low CAPEX and OPEX • Suitable for all urea plants of any process license The ADVANCE™ PURIFY Thermal Treatment Technology Reducing the impact on the environment is something that we all take seriously. The ADVANCE™ Thermal Treatment Technology is developed in close co-operation with the gas treatment experts of KT Kinetics Technology. The result is a urea melt plant with low ammonia emission without any need for an environmentally unfriendly and costly fare system. 27

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In order to ensure that your urea plant is always well maintained we ofer a range of services in the ADVANCE™ INSPECT and ADVANCE™ DESIGN product ranges. MAINTAIN THE PLANT AND EQUIPMENT RENEWAL ADVANCE™ INSPECT Our inspection services are specifcally designed for high-pressure equipment piping and life time assessment studies for your urea plant as well as inspection services for ammonia plants and ammonia storage tanks. With unrivalled experience in the use of construction materials the prevailing process conditions and their impact on degradation and corrosion we are able to estimate the remaining lifetime of your existing high-pressure synthesis equipment.

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ADVANCE™ DESIGN Replacement of equipment in your plant gives you the unique opportunity to upgrade your equipment to the newest design insights and standards. Stamicarbon is able to design your equipment to the current process conditions and optimize your equipment performance accordingly. Replacing existing equipment can be very critical given design constraints and the time-sensitive nature of projects. Our ADVANCE™ DESIGN Equipment Supply combines our design and engineering competences with in-depth knowledge and experience of the fabrication process - all of which results in an extremely efcient delivery of high-quality equipment. Smoothest project execution - with a single point of contact - is secured through our own specialized project management team coupled with close co-operation with our carefully selected and qualifed equipment fabrication partners. The design and quality assurance / quality control during fabrication of the high-pressure synthesis equipment determines the reliability and availability of your urea plant.

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Safurex® duplex stainless steel: resistant to corrosion Developed together with our partner Sandvik Materials Technology Safurex® is the standard for urea production. The use of Safurex® minimizes known active forms of corrosion that occur in the urea plant thanks to its superior mechanical properties and improved processing. The result is that for high-pressure applications it outperforms any other viable stainless steel. This is only a small overview of the services and products in the ADVANCE TM series which we provide to continuously advance your plant performance and product quality. For more services we are happy to talk with you to understand your needs and how we can advance your plants performance together. Safurex ® offers numerous significant benefits including: • No risk for active corrosion • No stress corrosion cracking • No risk for condensation corrosion • No risk for crevice corrosion • Better mechanical properties allowing for smaller wall thickness of equipment and piping • Improved fatigue properties

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The EVOLVE™ series ensures your plant is compliant with changes in legislation and stays competitive by adapting to changes in market conditions. EVOLVE™ SERIES: UPGRADING YOUR PLANT Revamp Process Design Plant Assessment TM

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33 Revamp and Debotlenecking Review Revamping your urea plant will help you take full advantage of your plant’s design margins boosting urea production while minimizing investment in additional resources and infrastructure. During the EVOLVE™ Revamp process we monitor the engineering and afer the construction stage we will take an active role during the commissioning and start-up phase. Our EVOLVE™ solutions come in 3 varieties: EVOLVE™ CAPACITY EVOLVE™ EMISSION and EVOLVE™ ENERGY. Plant Assessment / Revamp Studies An EVOLVE™ project usually starts with an on-site plant assessment and debotlenecking study that determines the current performance levels of your plant and the opportunities for a capacity increase or a reduction of your plants emissions or energy consumption. Process Design Based on your individual requirements we can tailor a unique process design developed on our proven technology solutions that perfectly matches your needs and your plants specifcations.

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EVOLVE™ CAPACITY Signifcantly increasing your plant output from 10 up to 100. One of the revamp solutions to increase the capacity is debotlenecking your plant. The extent of debotlenecking of your urea plant will depend on the availability of feed stocks utilities and particular plant limitations. We have developed several debotlenecking solutions that enable us to meet your exact requirements. Hybrid combinations of these solutions can be chosen as too. Debotlenecking will enable you to: • Take full advantage of the plant’s design margins • Boost urea production with the same number of people and basic infrastructure • Reduce total fxed and operating cost lowering the price of the urea produced • Improve the plant’s competitive advantage EVOLVE™ CAPACITY Designs: Expected capacity Increase EVOLVE™ More In More Out Design 10 - 30 EVOLVE™ Double Stripper Design 30 - 40 EVOLVE™ MP Add-On Mega Capacity Design 30 – 50 EVOLVE™ Pool Condenser / Reactor Design 50 -100 The reference for the given capacity increase is the nameplate capacity actual achievable plant capacity increase depends on the original design margins of the large capital equipment. 34

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EVOLVE™ EMISSION Reducing emissions according to international standards As communities and authorities enforce ever stricter emission standards we have pro-actively developed several technologies to improve the Safety Health and Environmental SHE aspects of all urea plants. In modern urea plants the fnishing section is usually the main source of ammonia emissions. Whether the fnishing section of your urea plant uses prilling or granulation we can reduce ammonia emissions to meet international standards. EVOLVE™ ENERGY Signifcantly lower steam utilization and optimal use of feed stock consumption. Our continuous innovations in urea melt production technology and urea granulation technology reduce energy consumption in your urea plant reduce construction costs and increase production efciency. EVOLVE™ OPTIMIZER Plant managers are constantly under pressure to maximize proftability against the backdrop of global competition tightening legislation on ecosphere load and fuctuating feed stock prices. Our efciency and capacity optimizer helps to achieve such goal. It ofers you the ultimate optimization for your plant gives you insights on how to push your plant’s performance to its maximum capacity and increases margins simultaneously. By optimizing the entire urea plant operation 24/7 all complex interactions in the process are taken into account. EVOLVE™ Optimizer will evolve your plant operators to plant operator supervisors who need to guide the process though unpredicted upsets. EVOLVE™ OPTIMIZER is Stamicarbon’s innovative solution to: • Increase urea production load • Stabilize plant operations • Reduce energy consumption 35

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Our solutions are based on years of high-quality research and in-depth knowledge of the industry gained in licensing more than 250 urea plants and revamping more than 90 plants worldwide. We work closely with the entire value chain to improve our current technologies and develop new ones. As the world’s leading urea authority we are commited to the long-term success of this industry and that means sharing our insight solutions and knowledge. On our website you will also fnd our Knowledge Center. Here you can access all our brochures and papers that have been published over the years. Our knowledge is shared during conferences and webinars on specifc topics that allow you to keep up to date with the latest developments in urea. Experience it yourself Whether you want to launch advance or evolve your plant we would like to invite you to have a conversation with us. As this brochure is only a highlight of our knowledge and capabilities we would like to assess your requirements and develop a customized proposal that is tailored to your exact needs. KNOWLEDGE SHARING 37

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We are proud to share our success stories with you and a complete list of references is available online and in a separate reference list. Here are just a few examples of our lately completed projects: Design: LAUNCH™ Urea 2000Plus ® Pool condenser Customer: Turkmenhimiya State Concern Location: Mary City Turkmenistan Capacity: 1925 mtpd Contractor: Kawasaki Plant Systems Japan In operation since: 2014 Design: LAUNCH™ Urea 2000Plus ® Pool condenser Customer: Inner Mongolia Bodashidi Chemical Company Location: Wushen China Capacity: 2860 mtpd Contractor: Wuhan Engineering China In operation since: 2014 Design: LAUNCH™ Urea 2000Plus ® Pool Reactor Customer: Phosagro – Cherepovetsky Azot JSC Location: Cherepovets Russia Capacity: 1500 mtpd Contractor: Chemoprojekt Czech Republic In operation since: 2012 REFERENCES 38

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Stamicarbon head ofce Sitard The Netherlands Visiting address: Mercator 3 6135 KW SITTARD The Netherlands Mail address: P.O. Box 53 6160 AB GELEEN The Netherlands Tel.: +31 46 4237000 Fax: +31 46 4237001 E-mail: Website: Stamicarbon Representative Ofce Beijing China: Room-3503 floor 35 th Jingcheng Mansion No.6 Xin Yuan Nan Road Chao Yang District BEIJING 100004 P.R. of China Tel.: +86 10 84862886 Fax: +86 10 84862836 Stamicarbon Representative Ofce Moscow Russia: “Naberezhnaya Tower” Block B 8 th floor 10 Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya Moscow 123317 Russia Tel.: +7 495 730 63 16 ext. 5412 Fax: +7 495 730 63 13 CONTACT DETAILS 39

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All technical and other information contained herein is based on general Stamicarbon experience and within this limit is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However no liability is accepted therefore and no warranty or guarantee is to be inferred. Copyright Stamicarbon BV. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of Stamicarbon BV. You will access its contents solely for your own private use and will comply with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements relating to your use of this information.

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Stamicarbon B.V. Mercator 3 - 6135 KW Sittard The Netherlands. P.O. Box 53 - 6160 AB Geleen The Netherlands. Tel. +31 46 4237000 Fax. +31 46 4237001

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