Literacy and Numeracy in Everyday life

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Literacy and Numeracy in everyday life :

Literacy and Numeracy in e veryday life This PowerPoint outlines the importance of literacy and numeracy skills and how important those skills are in everyday situations.

Reading a Map:

Reading a Map What literacy and numeracy skills are needed to read a map? Literacy skills Numeracy skills Read street names and suburbs Count how many left or right turns Communicate and instruct another person on directions Estimate the km between current location and desired destination Read letters and numbers in order to find a location on a map      

Following a recipe :

Following a recipe What literacy and numeracy skills would I need to follow a recipe? Literacy Numeracy Read instructions Understand measurements of ingredients Read ingredients Understand cooking times Read labels Estimation   Calculate amount of ingredients to buy

Fueling up your car :

Fueling up your car Literacy Numeracy Be able to read what type of fuel you are putting in your car: unleaded, E10 etc. Calculate how much it will cost to fill up your car   Read how much fuel is per liter         What literacy and numeracy skills are needed?

Buying make-up:

Buying make-up Literacy Numeracy Read the label Read the price of the item Read colour chart for cosmetic items Read the measurements of items         What literacy and numeracy skills are needed?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Can you think of other everyday activities that require you to have literacy and numeracy skills? Example: buying lunch, using Google, texting and using Facebook?

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