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1 Forestry in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 53% of B&H territory is covered by forest - Logging is fast growing industry - Loggs are used for production of finest furniture - Small part of branches are used for heating houses - Big part of branches are left to lie on ground

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2 CONCEPT Colecting branches Production wood chips Transportation to the distibution centar Storage of wood chips Distribution to the customers Small silo (10t) for storage by customer

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3 Why „Turn Key Project“? - We have a lot of expirience in transportation and storage of material (we did more than 70 projects for grain storage in last 5 years) - We builded first solar field in our region (Nord-East Bosnia) and we have already builded the name that is synonym for reneweble energy. - We optimized two pellet productions lines for increasing production. We have know-how for developing any project in wood industry.

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4 - The impact would be employment of new 4 season and 2 new full employees. Plan is to employ people younger than 30 years old. Thus expected yearly increase in profit is projected to be EUR 25.000,00. Also broader social impact would be to turn people awareness onto the renewable and clean energies by providing them cheaper energy, which is at the same time cleaner. - Our solution to the heating problem is by using clean energy which in form of wooden chips and which otherwise would be left unused. This form of heating is less polluting, cheaper and more available for final users. Also forests are cleaned from such leftovers. Impacts

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