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Ryan Zeelie

The Difference:

The Difference BOSS Says “I” Drives staff Places blame Uses people Commands Knows how to complete LEADER Says “WE” Coaches staff Takes blame Develops people Gives options Shows how to complete

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Boss and leader Managing a business can land you in a position of being a boss and a leader or in the worst/best cases only one of two. Your future or current position will fall under two main factors... Qualities and EGO Not all people have the qualities to become either of these but will still have an important role in affecting people’s lives and quality of work, whereas egotistical people will face the horrible situation of falling under the BOSS category Leaders are people that inspire, guide and lead people in a work force to do their best at all times and also give them the focus to realize future promotions that they may one day be able to achieve. No one has ever taken on a job or higher promotion without being inspired by someone who they have read about or were even lucky enough to work with. All employees will blindly follow a great leader and put all their trust into decisions that leaders present, where on the other hand people will “do their work” that has been delegated by a BOSS who they in truth fear.

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All businesses put trust into their employees to fulfill their job descriptions and in turn those employees look up to their managers for guidance and leadership. When a manager has fallen under the BOSS category, employees will start to resent them and hardly ever ask for help. This will cause an unpleasant workplace with a lot of “behind your back” talk that will eventually lead an unproductive work force or at worst a mutiny. Everyone in the world would like to be recognized or idolized for something great they have done. Telling a great story in front of your friends which gets you an amazing reaction will make you feel good about yourself and boost your ego. This is the same in the workplace, A boss will often tell you false stories about personal experiences and how they overcame them. In turn the employees will be in such awe and idolize their boss. The only issue with this is that after a long period of time, trainings could turn into white lie stories and employees will soon want proof and real life examples of how to deal with these situations. This would damage your boss’s ego causing them to do unexpected things to cover up their false stories. These are just examples of past experiences over years and years of being in different work places. The bottom line is that it is not too late to identify which category you fall under. The only hard part is to accept the truth and do what you can to avoid becoming someone’s boss or turn around and change the way that you do things

4 Levels of work:

4 Levels of work Start point – guide [ Do you want a successful project? Then guide your employees in the right direction ] Delegate to capable interested people with a clear example of what is needed Checkup [ Improve ] give clear examples of why it needs improvements and praise workers Implement [ guide / help / demonstrate to the employees of how the implement process will work ] 1 2 3 4

Learn by Failing? A boss’s statement for sure:

Learn by Failing? A boss’s statement for sure Most people agree with this statement.. Why would you want your employees to fail? GIVE ENOUGH RESOURCES SO THEY DON’T FAIL! If they do not succeed after that, then there will be lessons to learn from Just don’t set your staff up to fail to prove that you know more than them!

Identify where you are:

Identify where you are Do you focus on what needs to be done and provide a plaster for the broken situation or do you assess the situation and decide on a more permanent fix? Do you find yourself TELLING people what to do or do you SHOW them how to do it? Do you watch your staff from a pedestal or serve among the people you are leading? Do you overwhelm employees with details and figures to prove your knowledge and make them feel like you deserve the position you have? Are you employees working out of FEAR or because they TRUST you? Do you display pride and arrogance when you have made a mistake or do you accept your mistakes and NOT find someone to blame? Do you enjoying talking over everybody and be seen as the ALPHA in group meetings or do you listen and respond in ways that everyone will understand? Do you DICTATE or COLLABORATE? Do you outline the WHAT or explain the WHY? Do you focus on PROFIT or people’s WELL BEING? Do you get lost in PROCESS, or get absorbed in PERFORMANCE A boss is a disabler, while the leader is an enabler Do you find yourself CRITICIZING employees or COACHING them? Do you manage a team for an END GOAL or do you manage a team for a PURPOSE? Do you DEMOTIVATE with impassiveness, or INSPIRE with CARING & empathy?

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