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Mr. Kavanaugh founded Relativity Media. His aim was to connect financing with a movie project in a beneficial way which is more proficient than traditional Hollywood Finance.


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Ryan Kavanaugh The Best Film Financier Ever in Hollywood

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Youngest Billionaires on the List of Forbes

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An Emerging Personality in Hollywood

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Jens Martensson Ryan Kavanaugh In the world of entertainment Ryan Kavanaugh is a renowned name as a reputed producer. He is known to deliver blockbuster movies that help him to be one of the leading producers in the entertainment industry. He introduced a number of movie titles that hit the box- office globally and appreciated by the audience. Read More 4

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Jens Martensson Work Achievement 5 Mr. Ryan Kavanaugh founded Relativity Media a diversified global media company and also served there as a former CEO. He is the current principal of Proxima. Since 2018 he has been working as an executive with Warner Bros. Pictures. Ryan Kavanaugh was ranked 22 nd in the list of Fortune 40 Under 40. He owned 19 th place in Forbes 2013 list of youngest billionaires. He stands 25 th among highest-grossing producers in the box office of all time. Read More

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Jens Martensson Skill and Experience The extraordinary skill set and vast experience of Ryan Kavanaugh led him to rank 25th in the list of the most successful and highest-grossing producer of the entertainment industry. some of the prime achievements are mentioned below: • He was the recipient of the 2009 Hollywood Producer of the Year Award at the 13th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala in the year 2009. • Variety honored him with the title of “Variety’s Showman of the Year 2011” in the year 20011. 6

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7 Remarkable Deals Ryan Kavanaugh created the first strategic deal between the Hollywood film production entity and Chinese government-sponsored company where he structured financing for the first Chinese co-productions. This innovative approach allowed him to obtain the first Chinese film distribution license. Moreover he skillfully implemented an innovative deal with Marvel Studios by using his agreement to convert the Marvel into a full-fledged production studio. Read More

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Location :- Los Angeles USA Social profile:- LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanckavanaugh Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/jackkavanaugh65/ Website - https://ryankavanaugh.me/

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