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Leadership : 

Leadership Ryan Endres, PMP http://similarminds.com/leader.html

Leadership : 

Leadership Leadership: (n) The ability to guide, direct or influence people.

Leadership according to DILBERT : 

Leadership according to DILBERT

Name some Leaders? : 

Name some Leaders?

Traits of a Leader? : 

Traits of a Leader? Intellectually stimulating Energetic Self-confident Assertive Dominant Motivating Honest Charismatic Inspirational

Skills of a Leader and a Manager : 

Skills of a Leader and a Manager Manager Focus on things Do things right Plan Organize Control Direct Follows the rules Leader Focus on people Do the right things Inspire Influence Build Motivate Shape entities

What do they have in common? : 

What do they have in common? Planning Organizing Directing Controlling

Leadership according to JD : 

Leadership according to JD

Four types of Leaders : 

Four types of Leaders The Authentic Altruist The Achiever The Conformist The Self-Protector From the article: Leading with Responsibility; David Antonioni; Industrial Management November/December 2003.

The Authentic Altruist : 

The Authentic Altruist High level of honesty, integrity, clear ethical standards and principles Takes full responsibility/accountability for choices, does not prejudge/blame Focuses on truly serving others above self –uses pronouns “we” and “our” A congruent and transparent self based on high self-awareness and acceptance Courage to be true to oneself – has the freedom to address undiscussables Very high emotional competency, rarely gets triggered emotionally Shares relevant information with other is a timely and democratic manner Motivated by love and compassion

The Authentic Altruist : 

The Authentic Altruist Gene Kranz Apollo 13 Mission

The Achiever : 

The Achiever Aware of the consequences of unethical acts, however may look for loopholes Owns responsibility when it is convenient to self – may blame self or others Focuses on accomplishments for person self – uses pronouns “I” and “my” A independent self with an ego that fears loss of self-esteem A need to strive for power to accomplish things through influencing key people Emotionally competent, however gets emotionally hijacked in some conversations Personally manages what information will be shared with others Motivated by competition and internalized anxiety related to work performance

The Conformist : 

The Conformist Gives in to group pressure on decisions without challenging the group’s ethic Complains and finds excuses – waits for others to take action to solve problems Focuses on anything affecting one’s social acceptance within the group A dependent self that is based on what others think – can easily feel victimized Preoccupied with using right/wrong dichotomy and maintaining comfort zone Limited emotional competence – true emotions tend to be suppressed Lets a group determine and limit what information gets shared with others Motivated by fears of rejection

The Self-Protector : 

The Self-Protector Behaves in a opportunistic and manipulative manner without an ethical code Does not own responsibility – quickly prejudges, complains and blames others Focuses on creating predictability – gets upset by the unexpected An unaccepted self that is fragmented and suppressed – fears vulnerability A strong need to control others – preoccupied with worrying about covering lies Low Emotional competence, easily triggered, strong emotional outbursts Obsessed with controlling and limiting information shared with others Motivated by fears of failure

The Self-Protector : 

The Self-Protector

What Is Leadership? By Robin Sharma : 

What Is Leadership? By Robin Sharma

I want to be a Leader! : 

I want to be a Leader! Keep the following in mind: the way you dress, speak, listen, motivate people and even your mannerisms. Keep CHARCOAL in mind! The CHARCOAL method was created by Buck Joseph a UW Madison Professor

What is CHARCOAL? : 

What is CHARCOAL? C H A R C O A L Confidence Honesty Approachability Reciprocity Consistency Openness Acceptance Likeability

What is Leadership to Rudy Giuliani? : 

What is Leadership to Rudy Giuliani? Exit PowerPoint presentation mode click on video

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