Recruiting "Close To Home" in Direct Sales


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How to talk about your direct sales business opportunity with your friends and family without ruining the relationship


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Recruiting “Close To Home”:

Recruiting “Close To Home” How To Talk To Your Friends And Family About The Business Opportunity Without Ruining Relationships

Ultimately You’ll Need to Expand Past Friends and Family :

Ultimately You’ll Need to Expand Past Friends and Family You can’t build a sustainable network marketing business through friends and family alone. Ultimately you’ll need to expand past this group It is natural to start with your friends and family, in fact that may be how you heard about the company in the first place Don’t be scared to talk to them at first, but approach them intelligently

When you know you’ve crossed the line:

When you know you’ve crossed the line Your phone stops ringing Social invitations dry up People flee at the site of you  SO STAY WITHING PROPER BOUNDARIES BY ADOPTING THE COURTESIES


COURTESIES Never ambush, be upfront. If you want to talk about the business, ask for their permission first. If they say no – RESPECT IT Never turn a social invitation into a business presentation without their permission. If you do then you deserve to be shown the door Always offer an escape route “This business does not suite everyone….” “Only you can decide if it is right for you…”

Plant indirect seeds:

Plant indirect seeds Ask family or close friends if you can “practice” a presentation. This may actually perk their interest without you being direct to them when they see the products Give your products as birthday or Christmas gifts so your friends and family can try them Share your fun experiences (incentive trips, etc ) BUT DO NOT rub it in, or be showy about it THIS WILL ABSOLUTELY TURN THEM OFF


BE SINCERE A happy life and successful business is the best recruiting presentation you could ever give!!

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