How to Fix USB Ports Not Working Problem in Toshiba Satellite Laptop?


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Read This Presentation, how to fix USB port problems that do not work in Toshiba Satellite Laptop After reading this presentation, if in doubt, you can contact Toshiba Technical Support at 1-800-431-355 in Australia, More information about this website:


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How to Fix USB Ports Not Working Problem in Toshiba Satellite Laptop? :

How to Fix USB Ports Not Working Problem in Toshiba Satellite Laptop?

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Toshiba is an incredibly popular brand for its tremendous products such as PCs, Laptops, printers, and Smart phones. To say in brief, this company covers all the IT products. Toshiba laptops are loved by users as well as any other product. They come in varieties, comprising of different yet brilliant features to fulfill different needs of the users.

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However, you cannot count on the fact that they never develop any error. Recently, failure of USB ports in Toshiba Satellite laptop has been addressed. If you also are looking for its solution, then proceed below.

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Troubleshooting Problem : You have to make sure that the BIOS of the laptop is updated. Also, you have to check whether you have latest chipset/ USB drivers or not. To check if only one port or the whole USB cluster is damaged; you need to insert your USB flash drive in them.

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It is necessary that before you take any troubleshooting steps, make sure that your USB drive is working properly and that it itself is not damaged. Now, when you have checked everything; open device manager > USB controllers. Click right on USB root hub > properties > Power Management Tab. Now disable all the USB ports by checking the box in front of them.

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Now, you should reboot your laptop. If the problem persists, go to USB controller and delete all that is listed there and reboot again. If the issue continues, turn the power of your laptop down; disconnect all connections, even Ac power adapter. Remove the battery of the laptop.

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Press and hold power button for minimum 30 seconds and then release. Reassemble the laptop and see if the issue is fixed. Contact experts at our Toshiba technical support number 1-800-431-355 to resolve this issue if still not resolved.

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We are faster in attending our customers than the official support, for we never make customers wait for more than a minute. Content Source :

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