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Facebook for Business:

Facebook for Business Presenter: Ryan Phillips

If You Haven’t Heard of Facebook:

If You Haven’t Heard of Facebook Has 1.04 billion daily active users 83.6% live outside U.S and Canada Make world more open and connected

How Facebook Can Help Your Business:

How Facebook Can Help Your Business Facebook Insights Facebook Nearby “Humanize” your company Build Community Direct traffic to your website Become involved in daily life of customers

How Facebook Can Hurt Your Business:

How Facebook Can Hurt Your Business Can be a time-waster Low organic Reach Open and quick communication

Setting Up Your Page:

Setting Up Your Page Create a page from personal account Choose a business category Choose an industry-specific category Optimize and Connect

Posting What We Talked About:

Posting What We Talked About Facebook is growing Increase marketing channels Be wary of the negatives Get started with your page: www.facebook.com/business/learn/set-up-facebook-page


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