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what are the process of buying in org.


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Organisational Buying Behaviour : 

Organisational Buying Behaviour ‘The decision-making process by which formal organisations establish the need for purchased products and services, and evaluate and choose among alternative brands and suppliers’ Webster and Wind 1989

Characteristics of organisational buying behaviour : 

Characteristics of organisational buying behaviour Fewer, larger buyers Derived demand Professional purchasing Direct dealings - large purchaser of materials no intermediaries Multiple purchase influences

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Organizational Buying Process 1. Problem Recognition 2. General Description of Need 3. ProductSpecifications 4. Supplier Search 5. Acquisitionand Analysisof Proposals 6. Supplier Selection 7. SelectionofOrder Routine 8. PerformanceReview

Buying Situations : 

Buying Situations New task—the problem or need is totally different from previous experiences. Significant amount of information is required. Buyers operate in the extensive problem solving stage.

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Modified rebuy—decision makers feel there are benefits to be derived by reevaluating alternatives. Most likely to occur when displeased with the performance of current supplier. Buyers operate in the limited problem solving stage. Buyers have well defined criteria.

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Straight rebuy—the problem or need is a recurring or continuing situation. Buyers have experience in the area in question. Require little or no new information. Buyers operate in the routine problem solving stage.

Organizational Buying Processes : 

Organizational Buying Processes

Participants in the Business Buying Process : 

Participants in the Business Buying Process Initiators Users Influencers =) Particularly technical personnel 4.  Deciders 5. Approvers 6. Gatekeepers =) Purchasing agent, telephone operator, Receptionist etc

Forces Influencing Organizational Buying Behavior : 

Forces Influencing Organizational Buying Behavior EnvironmentalForces OrganizationalForces GroupForces IndividualForces OrganizationalBuyingBehavior Economic Outlook: Domestic & Global Technological Change Global Trade Relations Goals, Objectives, and Strategies Organizational Position of Purchasing Roles and patterns of interaction of buyingdecision participants Job function and pastexperience of individualdecision participants

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