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Camping Gear 101:

Camping Gear 101 The best camping gear info on the web, courtesy Russ Carbone of Camp Gear HQ

Camping Gear:

Camping Gear Are you looking for the best camping gear at the most affordable price? I’m talking about value, here. Well, I just launched, where I spend a lot of time talking about the best camping gear I have used. I break it up into the Best Of, give you an interactive chart, and then do a Top 5 breakdown

Preview the site:

Preview the site

The Best Sleeping Bags:

The Best Sleeping Bags We recently did a feature on the best sleeping bags. Some tips: get a bag rated 10-20 degrees colder than what you ever plan on being in...down is lighter and very warm, but costs more than synthetics, typically. Make sure the length and width fit

Family Tents:

Family Tents Family tents sleep 6 or more people, usually. Be aware that tent companies base the number of people who can sleep in the tent on a very packed sleeping space. Get a tent rated 6-person if you have a family of 4, for maximum comfort. Coleman makes a great family tent

More information:

More information Visit our website at to learn more about the best camping gear and find the best deals!

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