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Outline Introduction Functions Drug interaction Dietary Sources Deficiency Daily recommended dose Overdose Available form


Introduction Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) Water soluble Sensitive to light, air, heat Required for growth and development Not produce by the body Does not store in the body Vitamin C sources come from diet

Function :

Function Maintenance Antioxidant—block free radical Involve in collagen synthesis Aid in iron absorption Maintains healthy bone and teeth Aid in synthesizing neurotransmitter Protect skin from UV rays Immunity Boosting the immune system Improve common cold condition Reduce inflammation and muscle aches Natural antihistamine agents

Function (cont.):

Function (cont.) Improve conditions Diabetes patient Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patient Autoimmune disorders Preeclampsia in pregnant women Gingivitis Help fighting other disease: Hypertension Cardiovascular diseases Chronic inflammatory disease Cancer

Drug interaction :

Drug interaction IRON Aspirin NSAID Acetaminophen Antacid Barbiturate Chemotherapy Nitrate med Oral contraceptive Protease inhibitors Tetracycline Wafarin

Dietary Source :

Dietary Source ½ red pepper—112mg Citrus fruits—30 to 70 mg Oranges/Grapefruit/ Lemon Cantaloupe/Mango/Tomatoes Leafy green vegetable (raw/cooked) Turnip, Spinach, Parsley, etc.


Deficiency Cause scurvy (severe cases) Gingivitis Rough dry scaly skin Easy bruising Weaken cartilage Decrease immunity Improper bone development Muscle degeneration

Daily Recommended Dosages:

Daily Recommended Dosages Infants 40 - 50 mg Children 15 - 45 mg Adolescent 65 -75mg Men ≥18 : 90mg Women ≥18: 75mg Breastfeeding Women: 120 mg Disease Preventive dose: 500 – 100 mg


Overdose Over dose: 6000 mg /day If overdose was left over a long time, it can lead to Kidney disease Diabetes Hypoglycemia Diagnostic Strong urination smell Bloating and gas Nausea and stomach upset When overdose of any kind of vitamin is suspected, consult MD.

Available forms:

Available forms Tablet Capsule Chewable Powder crystalline Effervescent Liquid form


Conclusion Water soluble Come from dietary Do not store inside the body Can help improve various conditions including common cold, cardiovascular, and diabetes, and etc. Daily dosage 500-1000 mg Deficiency can lead to scurvy Overdose 6000mg/day Available over the counter and in different forms Price from $5-$25/100 per bottle

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