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Run for charity is partnered with reputable companies that provide quintessential products and services necessary for a successful charity event. Through our partners we can offer:


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v FOR CHARITY Guidelines for Planning a Charity Run To plan a charity run or charity event the 2 quintessential questions that need to be examined are: 1. Consideration of Audience and Location? 2. Consideration of Budget and Fundraising? Organizing a charity run or walk is a fantastic way of fundraising for your charity or non-profit organization. Don’t be fooled, although there are so many charity runs and charity events out there - it doesn't mean


that charity events are an easy to host. There are many elements that are needed for a successful charity run or walk to take place. Here are the two most essential questions and guidelines for planning the charity running event. 1. Audience and Location • What is the fitness level of your audience? • How popular are charity events or charity runs in your community? • What size of the charity event are you capable of hosting? • Is there a safe and available location to cater for your event? • What is the nature of the charity running event ? For fun? Competitive? Or both? Answering the above questions will be very a very helpful first step in planning your charity running event.


2. Budget and Fundraising The finances for the charity running event are one of the most critical factors in organizing a run for charity . It is imperative to set the budget for the event and additionally you will also need a robust fundraising strategy - to ensure that you lucratively fundraise for your cause. When budgeting, all expenses in the production of the event must be accounted for, as well as contingency plans - just encase your charity event doesn’t run exactly to plan! There are an abundance of ways which you can raise funds for the charity event and from the charity event, and all must be considered. For example, making pre-registration and compulsory ticketing at your event will ensure that you begin to bring funding in early and better manage your budget, as opposed to selling tickets on the day. Sponsorship is a brilliant way to fund your charity event and kick off fundraising, it is important to find a great sponsor who empathizes with your cause and


has the same values as your event. If you plan to hold a charity event to fundraise and raise awareness for environmental causes, then a company that has promotes green practices and values will be a great sponsorship fit. Whilst there are many considerations whilst planning a charity event, these are the two most essential guidelines to contemplate before you take the next steps of organizing a run for charity . Organising a Charity Run Organizing a charity run and is a fantastic way to boost your charity’s fundraising by raising awareness to existing donators and a new pool of fundraisers who may continue to support your charity long term, via participating in other events or regular donations. Charity running events


also raise awareness about your charity’s cause and greater details of the great difference your charity is making to society can be championed through the event. Run for charity is delighted to work with so many charities and event companies, that as a collective make huge differences both locally and internationally through awareness generated and the funds raised. If you are considering organizing a debut charity event, careful planning and budgeting must be implemented. It is imperative to ensure the safety of your runners, an enjoyable event and most importantly - success at hitting your fundraising target for the charity event. At Run for Charity , whether you are planning a fun run, 5k, 10k, Marathon or obstacle race, we have the expertise to assist you throughout the whole process.


Run for charity is partnered with reputable companies that provide quintessential products and services necessary for a successful charity event. Through our partners we can offer: Registration Systems - Run for charity can provide customized registration systems for event ticketing that is user-friendly and cost effective. Sustainable Running Vests - Run for charity offer bespoke technical charity running vests and T-shirts. Our fabric is beautiful and is the product of sensible and sustainable manufacturing. The fabric of our products is made up of recycled plastic bottles and carbonised bamboo. Our runners love our running vests and T-shirts, not only for sustainable properties but the technical qualities needed for charity runs. Fundraising - Run for Charity will support your fundraising target both by ensuring your event costs are minimal and by boosting your actual


funds raised by providing clever solutions and assistance from our partners. Charity Run Planning - Run for charity has a wealth of experience in the planning and execution of charity events. Vigilant planning and management is essential for a successful charity event as well as the execution of the charity race on event day. Sustainability - Run for Charity can provide your charity or company with an event blueprint that puts sustainability at the core of all operations for your charity event. Working alongside our partners, we can offer you sustainable solutions to ensure that your event footprint is not damaging or detrimental to the location or the environment. Sustainably run events are currently of great interest to the public relations agencies and there for can be a vehicle to promote your charity or charity event to a much larger audience


Above is a snapshot of some of the elements to consider when planning your charity event. Successful charity events are beneficial to both awareness and raising funds. Run for Charity hosts a team of experts and works with partners of the highest caliber that can assist you with a charity running event. Want to hear more? Get in touch: Run For Charity Connects You With Your Perfect Charity Or Event There is something very honorable and motivational about running for charity. You might run every day for fitness purposes but when you pledge to run for charity, the cause is much closer to your heart and the zeal to run comes from within. While many of you might be interested in running a Marathon for charity , very few people actually know how to find the perfect charity event to participate in. Fret no longer, as the entire process has been made really easy by Run for Charity.


Run for Charity partners with hundreds of charities and is associated with thousands charity events in which you can fundraise for. Finding a charity that is close to your heart is super-easy with Run for Charity. All you need to do is go to the Charity Directory and you can learn about charities included in our categories, then simply choose one that feels the closest to your heart. Run for charity work with so many charities that support a vast range of causes ranging from environmental, healthcare, children specific to animal charities and Military charities -with everything in -between. With so many wonderful causes to support we understand you may be unable to decide between the categories, in


this case - simply leave your name and email ID on the website and we can match you with a charity. Another option is to register for one of our fantastic events that host charity places. You have the choice to select from fun runs, ultra runs, to Marathons or Half Marathons for charity . The Run for Charity website has been connecting runners with charities and events for nearly a decade. Our website is highly reliable and your details will be solely distributed to one charity or one event and will not be sold or distributed in any other way. So, what are you waiting for? Register to Run for Charity today.

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