Wondering How much do Car Axles & Struts Cost in Princeton, MN?


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An inspection of the suspension should include car axles, struts and other components that can fail. Come to meet our expert mecnanic at 101 4th Ave N, Princeton, MN 55371, Call 763-389-3811


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Your Trusted #1 Car Repair (Struts/Axles) Shop near Princeton, MN- Rum River Automotive:

Your Trusted #1 Car Repair (Struts/Axles) Shop near Princeton, MN- Rum River Automotive Visit our Official Auto Shop Website: www.rumriverauto.com Redefining Trust Since 1997!

Watch out the 5 Signs that Your Car Needs Suspension Repair:

Watch out the 5 Signs that Your Car Needs Suspension Repair Schedule your Car Service Online Today at www.RumRiverAuto.com Proudly Serving Vehicle Owners In:  Princeton, MN  |  Milaca, MN  |  Zimmerman, MN You are the best evaluator of how your vehicle is handled and performing. If something is out of the ordinary let us know so we can have one of our ASE certified Auto Experts to check it out. How will you now if the handling or performing is not most favorable? Use any of these warning sign as a guide for knowing when you may need a auto suspension service for your vehicle’s wheel alignment , steering, drivetrain or vehicle suspension system: Noises or clunks when turning or hitting bumps Unusual sounds when starting, stopping or accelerating Tire noise or uneven wear on your tires Off-center steering wheel Vibration, drifting, pulling or swaying

Everything you Need to know About 5 Major Suspension Subsystems::

Everything you Need to know About 5 Major Suspension Subsystems: Tires, Wheels and Car Axles: Some people don’t consider tires as part of the suspension system, but they’re actually a very vital part of it. They provide traction for acceleration, braking, and cornering, as well as absorb small bumps. Tires wear over time, subject to cuts and punctures from hitting sharp objects or leaking air from small holes. Car axles and wheels can also fail from hard impacts such as accidents or hitting potholes. Springs: Every vehicle has some sort of spring that absorbs large bumps, (a metal part that bends in response to force). Springs can sometimes break if the vehicle hits a bump very hard, and many will sag eventually, but in general, these parts are much less prone to failure than most other suspension components. Shock Absorbers and Car Struts: Shock absorbers (or car struts, similar to shocks) dampen the motion of the springs after a bump, keeping the vehicle from bouncing exceptionally. Shocks and struts are filled with a thick oil. The oil can leak over time, causing the shock or strut to fail. Impacts and accidents can also cause leakage or damage to internal parts. Linkages: Every suspension includes various rods and other connecting pieces that collectively keep the wheels where they’re supposed to be relative to the rest of the vehicle. Most of these linkages are solid metal parts that rarely fail except in major accidents. Let’s Speak to our Car Struts Experts By Calling on: 763-389-3811 “Providing Award Winning Auto Repair Services to All the Customers Since 1997!”


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