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Statistical Process Control Software:

Statistical Process Control Software A Presentation on

What is this project all about ?:

What is this project all about ? Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a scientific visual method used to monitor, control and improve processes by eliminating special cause variation from manufacturing, service and financial processes in real time, before defects occur. develop an application that can be used to judge the process performance for maximum quality and minimal defects, so that “Total Quality Improvement” can be achieved. We use the process’ past performance to anticipate its future performance.

Basics of Statistical Process Control:

Basics of Statistical Process Control Boundary Classification in Control Chart. Control Chart showing PDF for data set.

How to interpret a control chart?:

How to interpret a control chart?

Flow chart for Process Monitoring:

Flow chart for Process Monitoring

Proposed System Block Diagram:

Proposed System Block Diagram

Phases of Implementation:

Phases of Implementation Wizard set-up Personal Details Process Details Test Details Data Upload From Excel sheet to database

PowerPoint Presentation:

Run Chart generation from the details entered by user. Post-Run E-mail & saving of reports.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Screenshot of User Login

PowerPoint Presentation:

ScreenShot of Process Details

PowerPoint Presentation:

Screenshot of Test Details

PowerPoint Presentation:

Screenshot of Chart Generation


Conclusion Our system will be of great use in any sector, be it Packaging, General Manufacturing, Automotives, Aerospace & Defense, Food & Beverages, Medical & Pharmaceuticals and so on. Total Quality Improvement (TQI) can be achieved if processes are stabilized by identifying special causes when they are proactive and eliminating them before they become reactive defects. Overall development cost will reduce. Also the test reports will be in the form of charts which will help developers in analyzing the flaws, if any, in a more easy way. Studying the working of SPC is not so difficult by an average individual. If it is used correctly then benefits of SPC can be reaped.

Future scope:

Future scope Future releases of the software will concentrate on improvement in following areas: The Excel sheets should be compressed and stored. There should be an option for re-calculation of control limits. Extending the concept of SPC to the Software Development cycle. Making the charts more dynamic.

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