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Rugs Beyond offers hand tufted rugs curated from artisans across the globe, one of very few stores to offer hand tufted rugs in Mississauga


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Shaggy Rugs A brief introduction Anyone who has owned a Shaggy Rug would know of its warm and fuzzy feeling. Its unmatched and a cut above the rest when it comes to comfort and uniqueness of texture. My search for the best Shaggy Rugs Mississauga took me to Rugs Beyond and I was captivated. For all those who are clueless regarding shags heres a brief guide as to what they are. What are Shaggy area rugs Shags are the rugs that are manufactured by weaving long length yarn to give an overall furry appearance. Their feel does not betray their appearance in case you are using a high quality shag. Techniques of manufacturing Their manufacturing technique is not different from other commonly used area rugs. Its just the yarn that makes all the difference. These can be hand tufted shags or hand knotted shags according to the weaving technique applied. According to length of yarn three distinct styles are there: mini shags short shags and long shags. Types of shags The main distinctive feature that differentiates one rug from another is the material or fabric used in manufacturing. Even though natural materials are preferred more by clients all over the world synthetic materials are not far behind in appeal. According to fabric types of shags are as follows: 1 COTTON SHAGS These are softer and skin friendly. Cotton is the most common material that is used to make these rugs. It gives that perfect soft feel under your feet. However natural fibers are prone to early wear and tear with

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use so if you really want your cotton rugs to last longer place them in a low traffic area. 2 SYNTHETIC SHAGS These are also in vogue with changing times. Acrylic Japanese synthetic rugs look and feel amazing. Might not be skin friendly owing to use of synthetic materials but they come with numerous benefits. These can be placed in both high and low traffic areas as wear and tear is comparatively less. Also synthetic shags can be washed easily and are available in a variety of colors. 3 LEATHER SHAGS You can take your pick from genuine leather or suede leather. In any case these are soft plush and give a regal look to your home apart from imparting an interesting texture and hue to ambience. They are available in limited colors ranging from dark browns to deep grays. 4 BAMBOO SHAGS Bamboo fibers are softened to make these rugs. Therefore you get a completely natural variant. There is zero use of synthetic dyes or materials. An eco friendly alternative that feels like heaven under your feet. Whats not to like about them Cotton or leather the material doesnt matter much and it depends largely on personal preferences. In any way a shaggy rug is a wonderful addition to your home. They have amazing texture great insulating properties and an unparalleled comfy feel. Its definitely time for you to bring one in your home pronto.

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