Highs and Lows of Shaggy Rugs


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Shaggy rugs give that comfy feeling underneath our feet that we crave for. But they require special care as well.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Shaggy Rugs I am sure wherever youve been youve seen a shaggy rug in every household. What is so special about shaggy rugs Shaggy rugs give that comfy feeling underneath our feet that we crave for. But they require special care as well. Lets find out more about shaggy rugs. What is a Shaggy Rug Shaggy rugs are so called due to their appearance of a fluffy long haired piece of furnishing. They are instantly loved by everyone owing to their appeal and their soft and cozy feel beneath the feet. In shaggy rugs long yarn fibers are attached to the back of rug giving them an irregular messy appearance. Shaggy rugs are made up of natural fabrics like wool and cotton as well as synthetic fabrics like acrylic. Available in a variety of sizes these are ideal for every corner of your home. But there are certain areas where they are favorable low traffic areas such as living room and bedroom are ideal for shaggy rugs. But everything has its pros and cons. Lets discuss the positive and negative aspects of owning a shaggy rug. Positive Aspects  Soft and plush feel Shaggy rugs feel like heaven under your feet. So soft and comfy you can even sit or lie on them as they may be even softer than your couch. If you have children at home go for shaggy rugs anytime. Crawling babies are not harmed by shaggy rugs as these are way too soft.  Easily Available You can get shaggy rugs from any store nearby. I prefer buying from Rugs Beyond that sells the best shaggy rugs in Mississauga. You can also buy these online without any hassle. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs.  Durable Even though shaggy rugs are highly durable and can withstand high traffic areas with equal ease I still prefer to keep them in low traffic areas for two reasons. First being that shaggy rugs are way too cute to be trampled on continuously and secondly the long fibers trap dust easily. But nonetheless you can use these in high traffic areas as well.  Stylish Shaggy rugs have a unique texture and pattern of fibers that make them stand out in every home. Shaggy rugs in soft colors and tones make for a very soothing and calming addition in your bedroom.

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Just place your feet on them after a hectic day at work and youll transcend into a world of comfort and calmness. Negative Aspects  Requires proper care Shaggy rugs are high on maintenance but so is every special creation. Shaggy rugs can be rightfully called as dirt magnets and so these shouldnt be placed in high traffic areas. Regular vacuuming helps to keep them clean and beautiful for long. Wash off spills immediately before they dry up and stain your precious rug.  Fiber Shedding Shaggy rugs shed their fibers due to friction every day. The amount of shedding depends upon the quality of rugs. A high quality well crafted rug will shed lesser fibers as compared to a low quality rug.

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