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Piles problem in women Hi This is Dr Manu Consultant Piles specialist in Chennai. I am also a practicing lady doctor for piles in chennai and in this awesome article we are going to discuss about haemorrhoids in women. In my practice I see numerous women suffer from piles or haemorrhoids. The causes are usually numerous. A few common causes are listed below 1. Childbirth and piles: Did you know that pregnancy and childbirth are among the most common causes of piles problem in women. During childbirth tremendous amount of stress is placed on the rectal veins and eventually piles can occur. 2. Poor Fiber in the diet Eating fruits and vegetables can definitely prevent piles big time. Gorge well on natures gift as Prevention is any day better than a cure.

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Remember piles only occurs due to undue stresses on the rectal veins while passing stools. Taking a diet that is highly enriched in fruits and vegetables eases bowel movement and thereby prevents haemorrhoids for good. 3. Improper bowel habits Good bowel habits are best acquired through constant practice. Never sit with a mobile phone in the toilet since you will be spending an abnormal amount of time evacuating your bowel and this can indirectly stress out your rectal veins ultimately leading to piles 4. Lack of water intake If you live in a hot city like Chennai you and I both know that dehydration is pretty common in this part of the city. I have had to treat 100s of patients over the last few years who have suffered from piles just because they did not take in an adequate amount of water. Drinking at least close to 4 litres of water everyday can significantly ease the ability of your bowel to pass out stools without causing any strain on your rectal veins. I hope you enjoyed this short read on Piles. This is Dr. Manu consultant piles surgeon in Chennai I will get back to you with more awesome articles on womens health periodically. Till eat well and live Piles free

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