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What is IVF ? In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most common and most effective type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) to help women become pregnant.

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IVF Procedures STEP 1. Suppressing the natural menstrual cycle Women are given a drug usually in the form of a daily injection for about two weeks, which suppresses their natural menstrual cycle.

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STEP 2 Super ovulation Fertility drugs containing the fertility hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), are administered to the woman. FSH makes the ovaries produce more eggs than normal. Vaginal ultrasound scans can monitor the process in the ovaries. 

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STEP 3 Retrieving the eggs The eggs are collected through a minor surgical procedure known as "follicular aspiration". A very thin needle is inserted through the vagina and into an ovary. The needle - which is connected to a suction device - sucks the eggs out. This process is repeated for each ovary. 

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STEP 4 Insemination and fertilization The eggs that have been collected are placed together with male sperm and kept in a environmentally controlled chamber. After a few hours the sperm eventually enters the egg. However, sometimes the sperm is directly injected into the egg, this is known as an intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

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IVF India offers low cost treatments as compared to other western countries

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