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BREAKING ALL THE RULES! “1999 (September, 7) Viacom and CBS announce merger. The $50 billion deal, the largest media merger of the time, comes one month after the FCC gives approval to duopolies. The new Viacom has 33 television stations which eclipse the FCC's 35 % ownership cap. The cap is based on the amount of stations one company owns that reach 35% or more of the nation's television households. 2001 United States Court of Appeals, DC Circuit gives Viacom temporary approval to exceed the 35% ownership cap 2001 Viacom completes $3 billion deal for BET Inc. “


2002 Viacom completes acquisition of KCAL-TV (Los Angeles) from Young Broadcasting Inc. for $650 million. The deal forms a Viacom duopoly in Los Angeles raising the number of markets where it owns two broadcast stations to eight. 2003 Infinity Broadcasting owns and operates 185 radio stations, second in size to only Clear Channel Communications. Viacom Outdoor is the largest outdoor advertising entity in North America. Viacom Television Stations Group owns and operates 39 TV stations. 2004 After years of internal battles with Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone, Mel Karmazin, resigns as the company's chief operating officer. Karmazin was formely the president and CEO of CBS


MORE!!! 2005 The "new" Viacom gains control of trendy Neopets, a popular children's website. Through Paramount, they also acquire DreamWorks. 2006 Viacom acquires several new holdings: Xfire, Atom Entertainment, and Harmonix. 2007 Viacom engaged in disputes with YouTube over copyrighted video clips, and removed their leaked clips from the site. They opted instead for a content licensing deal with similar videosharing website Joost. Later in the year, Viacom entered into a split venture with Global Broadcast News, the result of which was Viacom-18: a provider of Viacom channels in India as well as Network 18's Bollywood movie business. In December, Viacom signed a 5-year contract with Microsoft, thus ensuring mutually heightened advertising between the two companies.


THERE IS MUCH MORE! 1994 Viacom acquires Paramount Communications for $10 billion. Viacom was in a bidding war for Paramount with USA Networks. 1994 Viacom acquires Blockbuster Video from Huizenga for $8.4 billion 1995 Viacom sells Madison Square Garden and its related properties to Cablevision, and ITT for $1 billion 1995 Viacom sells its cable systems to John Malone's TCI 1995 (November) CBS is sold to the Westinghouse Corporation for $5.4 billion


CBS buys American Record Company, owner of the Columbia Phonograph label. CBS renames the division Columbia Record Corp. 1941 CBS launches the first commercial black & white television broadcast 1949 Department of Justice announces the Paramount decree which forces the film studios to sell off their movie theaters 1954 Sumner Redstone takes control of National Amusements Inc. (NAI), a chain of movie theaters 1961 Murrow resigns from CBS 1964 CBS purchases the New York Yankees 1966 Diversified conglomerate, Gulf + Western, buys Paramount Pictures. Gulf + Western is owned by Charles Bluhdorn


CBS teams up with a Japanese company to form CBS-Sony Records 1970 FCC's Fin-Syn ruling limits the financial interest television networks can have in syndicated programming. As a result, Viacom is formed after CBS spins off its television programming arm 1973 CBS sells Yankees to George Steinbrenner 1981 Dan Rather replaces Walter Cronkite as anchor on the CBS Evening News 1981 (August 1) MTV is launched

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