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New Seven Wonders of the World Ruby Jacob

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Great Wall of China Petra Christ the Redeemer Machu Picchu Chichen Itza Roman Colosseum Taj Mahal Great Pyramid (Honorary Candidate) The Wonders

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Name : Great Wall of China Location : Northern China Date of construction : 5 BC– 16 BC Built by :The Ming dynasty

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Name :Christ the Redeemer Location :Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Opened in :12 October 1931 Dimensions :30 meters wide, 38 meters tall, weighs 635 tons

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Name :Petra Location :Jordan Date of construction :100 BC Built by :Nabataean emperor King Aretas IV

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Name :Machu Picchu Location :Urubamba Valley in Peru Built in :Around AD 1430 Built by :Incan Emperor Pachacúte Rediscovered in :In 1911 by Hiram Bingham

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Wonder :Chichen Itza Location :Mexico Built in :Pre-Columbian period Built by :The Mayan civilization

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Wonder :The Colosseum Location :Italy, Rome Construction :70 AD to 80 AD Built by :Emperors Vespasian, Titus, Domitian

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Wonder :Taj Mahal Location :Agra, India Built in :1653 Built by :Emperor Shah Jahan

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Wonder :The Great Pyramid of Giza Location :Cairo, Egypt Built in :2560 BC Built by :Fourth dynasty Egyptian King Khufu

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