Air Conditioning System

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Advantages of the air conditioning system. Install aircon by a specialist.


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Air Conditioning System:

Air Conditioning System By. Aircono- Heating & Cooling Experts

What is Air Conditioning?:

What is Air Conditioning? Air Conditioning is used for alternate the properties of air and also known as AC or Aircon. Air conditioning is the process of cooling or heating, cleaning, circulating, controlling fresh air. Additionally, it also has the power to maintain the interior moisture of the occupied space. Air conditioning can be used for domestic and industrial purpose.

Types of Air Conditioning System :

Types of Air Conditioning System Window Air Conditioning System Split Air Conditioning System Central Air Conditioner Packaged Air Conditioning

Window Air Conditioning System:

Window Air Conditioning System Window air conditioners are also known as room air conditioners. They are the cheapest and the most commonly used Air Conditioners.  This type of  Aircon Installation  is much easier compared to others as they are mounted on a window or a wall. 

Split Air Conditioning System:

Split Air Conditioning System Split AC system consists of two parts: indoor unit and outdoor unit. Cooling fan & coil are included in the indoor unit while compressor and condenser are the part of the outdoor unit as they are mounted outside of the room. Split air conditioning system can cool one or two-room. Split air conditioning repair service cost is less than other systems.

Central Air Conditioner:

Central Air Conditioner Central Air Conditioning system can be used in larger buildings, theaters, malls or hotels, because it is not economically possible to put window or split AC in every room. Compared to other air conditioning system, central AC is costly but much more efficient than other systems.

Packaged Air Conditioning:

Packaged Air Conditioning Windows and split air conditioning system are used for small air conditioning as it holds the capacity up to 5 tons. Whereas, Central AC is used when the cooling load is more than 20 tons. The packaged air conditioning system is used when the capacity load is between 5 to 20 tons. These AC systems are used in restaurant, small hall, telephone exchange etc.

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