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Why mobile apps for Salons :

Why mobile apps for Salons According to comScore (a research firm), there are 101.3 millions smartphone subscribers in US at the end of January 2012. Improve engagement with regular customers. Appear to be an innovative brand. Send promotions with offers and new products to regular customers. Let customer know about your new services. Increase sales through the app.

What’s SalonApp:

What ’ s SalonApp SalonApp is the best way for you to be close to your clients. Lets your clients schedule an appointment with beautiful interface on various smart phone platforms. Receive promotions through Push Notifications Find a location of the store and navigate. Check in to the Salon using popular social networking sites like Facebook and improve the reputation of the salon.

Personal Info Screen :

Personal Info Screen This is an optional workflow for the user. This is one time creation and helps the user quickly schedule an appointment from there on. In case the user is reluctant, we get the info when user creates their first appointment with the Salon. The next appointment we will make the user to just fill in the appointment date.

Our Services Screen:

Our Services Screen This screen helps the user know about your Salon ’ s services and pricing.

Mobile Appointments Screen:

Mobile Appointments Screen User selects the Salon nearest to him/her or the one he/she intends to attend using Zip Code or using Current Location co-ordinates.

Mobile Appointments Screen:

Mobile Appointments Screen This screen helps the user to pick their favorite stylist for the job. We then ask them to select a time depending on the availability of the stylist.

Mobile Appointments Screen:

Mobile Appointments Screen Once the user submits, we send them a confirmation email as well as create a local notification as a reminder that reminds an hour before the appointment. User can still cancel or reschedule the appointment. My schedule lists all the appointments that the user has/had.

Alerts/Promotions :

Alerts/Promotions Salons can push notifications to the users about their new promotions using a web console provided for the Salons. Can generate revenue by showing some products in the app.

Contact us :

Contact us This helps in single touch contact with the Salon.

App info :

App info This is a basic app info screen.

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