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Welcome to NALCO -ORISSA

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OBJECTIVES:- i. The prime objectives of HR practices is man power planning to retirement all aspect of the org. ii To creating a great corporate leader.    iii. To find out the importance of training and development is necessary or not.    iv.  To study the various human resources department.    v.  To find out the contribution of human resources department.    vi.  To find out various ways and means of utilization of human resources in NALCO. METHODOLOGY:- The summer training work “HR Practices at NALCO undertaken at training Center and corporate office. The data for research work are collected either from the primary sources or the secondary sources and also through interview of the executives of NALCO. PRIMARY SOURCES SECONDRY SOURCES

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SCOPE   NALCO has been taken for the scope of the study in general and HRD department in particular. This the scope of the study includes the area such as:-        i. Man power Planning. ii. Recruitment. iii.  Selection. iv. Induction.      v. Training and development. vi. Performance appraisal. vii. Promotion and separation. Retirement.

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TOP ORGANISATION STRUCTURE The Board of Directors CMD Company secretary Director personal & administrative department Director production & power Director project & technique (PNT) Director Finance Director Commercial ED HRM & Administration ED M&R ED S&P ED CP ED PNT ED Finance ED Material ED Marketing

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SWOT ANALYSIS:-   NALCO Presents enigma enviable strength, weakness, wide opportunities and many threats in the horizon. STRENGTH Ø     Captive Resources Ø     Advanced Technology Ø     Integrated operations Ø     World –class products Ø     International Linkages in Technology and Market Ø     Skilled and well-trained manpower Ø     Sound financial Management Ø     Care for Ecology and Environment Ø     Self funded Expansions Ø     Expertise in project Management.

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STUDYING THE EXISTING SYSTEM IN NALCO ABOUT HR PRACTICES  The various personal policies are coming under the various sections are as follows:-   1.     Manpower planning 2.     Job analysis 3.     Recruitment 4.     Selection 5.     Induction 6.     Performance appraisal 7.     Training 8.     Promotion 9.     Transfer 10.    Separation 11.    Wage and salary

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Policy for Executives

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R Recruitment will be perfect. 2 The appraisal system be developed. 3 NALCO should improve the role clarity of job. 4 NALCO should improve the need based training. NALCO should constantly given opportunity to the employees to gather new knowledge and advance skill. 6 The potential appraisal should be given both executives and non-executives. 7 The organization should have a assessment center and role analysis procedure. 8 Organization development workshops should be organized regularly. 9 The policy should give due regard to interest of all the employees. 1 Policy should be formulated with active participation of executives, supervisors and workers. P Pension policy should be applied for the life secure. SUGGESTION

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CONCLUSION HR Practices in NALCO are expression of plans of Management. HR Practices working as the guide for Management Decision and plans of action. HR Practices govern the enterprise in its relationship with employees. HR Practices is successful because of effective leadership and hardworking of employees. HR Practices not only done well for the management it is also better for employee welfare.

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