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IoT Final Project on Improving rapid response to Roads development.


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Infrastructure Implementation Unit, Ministry of P ublic Works Prepared By : Ralph Tarwoe Cooper Email : rcoopert702@gmail.com Liberia/America December 21, 2018 Track Road, Bridges, Clinics, Schools & Market Places Progress Convey Your Feedback Interact with authorities IoT FINAL PROJECT-GSMA IoT


PLAN IoT solution & Benefits Technologies Policies & Risks Business Model s Finalizing


Introduction The Government of Liberia has prioritized road i nfrastructure development as a major support to economic revival and growth A 2017 Spatial Analysis of the road network revealed that 60% of the 11,463 km network in bad condition . The introduction of IoT GSMA Survey Tracking Mobile System is a major initiative towards upgrading and maintaining the Road and other construction Section SEDNS Road sector investment is currently supported by partners and with this system put in place, partners can now have acces s to on-going/completed Projects Through an app on a cellular, Tablet or Pc’s.


IoT Solutions Track Progress App is made to work via Andriod and IOS devices to Convey Your Feedback Interact with authorities such as Construction companies/Government Agencies. Each devices should have WIFI/Data and Location capabilities to enable the uploading of images report from specific location on progress/damage or any other construction activities. Internet will be enable by all GSM companies through various Network Sectors around the country for WIFI and Data Connectivity. A Base station is set up to receive reports and log them in the Database that has a Public IP for Partners and Engineers to view and act immediately Benefits Quick response to project sites that needs immediately attention or actions. Exact location is recorded for rapid response. Projects are completed on time, Partners can monitor make suggestions where necessary.

Technology :

Technology Image captured & uploaded through the Telecom Sector Image signal

Road Transport Landscape:

Spatial Analysis conducted in 2016 shows 60% of the nearly 12,000km of road network in bad condition Road Transport Landscape


Tcechnology LPWA 2G-3G Features Requirements and comments Connectivity expense Low Bandwidth Good Data Telecom/WIFI Connectivity Cost Affordable & Low Data cellular cost Module Cost Necessary, every engineers and contractors


Inappropriate Images Security Network Failures Legal selective operators Privacy RISKS POLICIES

Finalizing :

Finalizing Expectation Delivery of Project objective- Road rehabilitated and maintained correctly with the App over a 15 year period or more. I mpact on the economic through improved living standard



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