When Do Microsoft Certifications Expire

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When Do Microsoft Certifications Expire Summary There are various courses certifications and exams being updated every now and then in MS family and in order to be updated you need to keep yourself at a pace with them. In the process of training and consulting several people are often asking questions like when do Microsoft certifications expire. One more such question is when you need to have an Exam or certificate renewal So here is our guide on what causes MS certification to expire and how you can renew your certification whenever needed. When Do MS Certifications Expire Eventually almost all of the technical certification expire some day or other as the technologies and the skills tested on that particular certification become outdated after a span of time. There are 2 facets of MS certification as the company offers 2 separate things- these are exams and certificates. Each of them have their own schedule time table and it is not very simple to judge the expired or valid rule. Exam Retirement Microsoft releases the certification exams for various and specialized technologies time to time to offer IT professionals in various roles and as a way to test and prove their skills with specific technologies. As each technology gets released and the previous version gets old it gets replaced with some new release. The older exam get retired and is termed as exam replacement. This process has occurred with the transition of Windows from Server 2008 to 2012 and SQL Server 2014 to 2016 to name a few examples. What happens is that every 6 months there are one or other ​Microsoft certification getting retired. When an exam gets retired they are no more available to the people and students to pass and attempt. However once you have passed on a particular Microsoft certification exam it remains in your official MS certified Professional transcript to indicate on what date you have passed your exam. Do Microsoft Certifications Expire There are times when instead of retiring an exam Microsoft publishes an update to the exam. Such exams are getting common in recent times with MS Azure certification exam as the products that are covered on those exams are changing constantly rather than having single release every year as happened in the past. Whenever the Microsoft Certifications are updated when you pass the newer version of the exam you will have both the exam passes listed within your MCP transcript.

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Certification Retirement While commonly the certification exams get retired and updated frequently there are times when Microsoft retires the older certification and releases a new one. The MS certification is generally earned when a person passes 2 or more certification exams required to gain that certification. In general it is very easy to check your Microsoft Certified Professional transcript often to check if the certification provided is Active or retired. You can also check the Microsoft Learning site for Certification and Exam updates periodically as well.. If you come to know that one of your certifications is going to expire or retire sooner and it will no longer be active then you can assess what examinations you need to renew in order to stay in league with latest requirements. Resource Box- RST Forum is one stop destination to acquire globally acknowledged certifications like Red Hat certification Microsoft certification etc.

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