Structure of the Atom- Isotopes

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Structure of the Atom : 

Structure of the Atom Isotopes

Isotopes : 

Isotopes Atoms of the same element with different masses Same number of protons & electrons ***Different number of neutrons All isotopes of cobalt have 27 p+ and 27 e-

Atomic Mass : 

Atomic Mass On the periodic table, the mass is a weighted average of ALL existing isotopes. Decimal

Isotopes : 

Isotopes Isotopes have a specific mass number Can be written two ways to show the mass: Name notation: Cobalt-58, Cobalt-59 Symbol notation: 58Co, 59Co

Finding the particles : 

Finding the particles Protons and electrons are still the same as the atomic number Cobalt-58 Atomic number 27 27p+ and 27 e- Neutrons are found WITHOUT the periodic table. Isotope mass number – atomic number Cobalt-58 58 minus 27= 31 neutrons

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