Use Best Plough Shear Mixer for Mixing Paste or Power

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Use Best Plough Shear Mixer for Mixing Paste or Power The plough mixer is one of the most popular mixing tools. It is mostly used for all kinds of mixing projects. Plough Shear Mixer is made with the Mild Steel or Stainless Steel construction that offers great durability. It is high energy maximum-speed plough-based mixers that comes with the cylindrical short feature mixing chambers. This tool is used for powders paste granules and others. The plough mixer contains the cylindrical drum and plough shaped mixing tools which are mounted on the horizontal shaft. It develops the mechanical fluidized mixing action. The Shear Mixer has excellent features such as gear reducer motor pneumatic operated outlet valve one end welded and another end bolted usual temperature and others. It Is an ideal choice used where the process needs the maximum levels of the mix action to achieve quick material blends. This machine is very simple to use and maintain. You do not need technical skill to operate this machine. It is used for various applications such as Glycerin soap mixing Pigments as well as dyes dispersion and extending in the carrier bulk powders Cutting of solid oils and other fat into the dry bakery mixes Powders Granulation Addition liquid to the powders

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Benefits of plough shear mixer The Plough Shear Mixer is used to treat different types of materials such as powders paste material short fibers granules slurries viscous masses moist solids and much more. It is designed with advanced technology that allows you to complete the process quickly. The shaft and plough-shaped agitators are determined with the help of geared motor during the mixing procedure. The agitator’s special arrangement develops a strong axial as well as the radial movement of different materials. The shear is achieved by the extra side cutters. Here we provide few benefits of using the plough shear mixer such as Lower Mixing Time Variety of Applications Capacities up to 50000 liters Simple to Clean Maximum Speed Homogenous Mixing Keep away from Agglomeration When you need the maximum mix energy then you can use plough mixer to complete the task faster and hassle-free. Source Link - mixing-paste-or-power/

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