John Paul II

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John Paul II :

John Paul II John Paul the Great

Early Life:

Early Life Born Karol Józef Wojtyła near Krakow Poland, May 18, 1920. Mother died when he was 9 & his brother died when he was 12. Forced labor when the Nazi’s invaded Poland in 1939 (19 years old)

Call to the Priesthood:

Call to the Priesthood 1942 started in the “underground” Seminary; because Germans were in Poland. Ordained a priest in Nov 1946 after WWII Doctorate in Moral Theology in 1948

Fr. Wojtyła Becomes a Bishop:

Fr. Wojtyła Becomes a Bishop 1958 becomes a bishop 1964 Archbishop of Krakow Significant role in 2 nd Vatican Council Named a Cardinal in 1967.

Pope John Paul II:

Pope John Paul II Pope Paul VI dies 1978 John Paul I elected; dies 33 days later 1 st non-Italian Pope elected in 400 years; takes the name John Paul II

John Paul II Highlights:

John Paul II Highlights Young Pope (58) 104 trips outside of Italy Established World Youth Day 14 Encyclicals; Catechism of the Catholic Church Fall of Communism

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May 13, 1981: John Paul II is shot by a Turkish gunman. Survives; forgives the assassin. Foretold at Fatima

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John Paul II’s greatest contribution of writings and teachings which many believe will go down in history as his greatest contribution to the Church are in this topic: Final Jeopardy Question

And the Answer is::

And the Answer is: What is human sexuality?

The Groovy 60’s & 70’s “A Social Experiment”:

The Groovy 60’s & 70’s “ A Social Experiment” Would the Church go along with the direction of society or would the Church stand for a better way? The Second Vatican Council John Paul II was God’s answer…..

Theology of the Body 129 Wednesday audiences, between the years 1979 and 1984 :

Theology of the Body 129 Wednesday audiences, between the years 1979 and 1984 God designed man & woman with differences to complement one another; sexual desire is a normal part of human life, part of God’s design. Sexuality is sacred. Properly expressed within the covenant relationship of marriage where there is self-giving love As a result of original sin; sexuality has been altered; potential for selfishness, temptation, & sin. Through Christ, sexuality can be restored to God’s original design.

What is chastity?:

What is chastity? The guarding, regulation, and proper ordering of our sexuality. Lifelong commitment; now is the time to develop good habits. Remember: sexual desire is not a sin; how we deal with the desire is what’s important.

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Sexuality Life giving, life creating, Communion, love, stability Destructive, destroys life, disunity, instability, unhealthy Chastity Following God’s Plan No regulation Reject God’s Plan Many problems in our society are due to the inability to regulate our sexuality Virtue Vice

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Fire under control: Warmth & light Fire out of control: Total destruction

Our Modern Culture is Dominated With Sins Against Sexuality:

Our Modern Culture is Dominated With Sins Against Sexuality Fornication (cohabitation) Adultery Pornography Homosexuality Sexual Abuse Rape (8%) Contraception

Our “Oversexed” Culture:

Our “Oversexed” Culture Living out chastity in today’s cultural climate requires heroic effort. It is worth the effort Victory is attainable. Effort + Grace = Victory 1960: <15% HS students had sex 2005: >50%

Chastity in Practice:

Chastity in Practice Commit to the goal of lifelong chastity Establish clear & concrete goals ; especially in relationships. Avoid situations which lead you to violate your goals. Sacrament of Reconciliation & Our Blessed Mother.

Situations to Avoid:

Situations to Avoid In relationships, avoid situations that could lead to sexual activity Location, alcohol, activity. Sexual Abuse (rare) Avoid adults that want to be alone with you; special treatment, encourage bad behavior, etc. Use the >2 – 1 rule Keep parents in the loop

John Paul II May 18, 1920 – April 2, 2005:

John Paul II May 18, 1920 – April 2, 2005

What Can We Learn From the Life Of JPII?:

What Can We Learn From the Life Of JPII? Compassionate but non-compromising Human sexuality is a great gift and should be treated with dignity and respect; not merely an appetite to be satisfied.

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