Liberia 2010 (The Hope Project)

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Liberia 2010

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Chapter 1 a country in transition

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h Liberia

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Where we thought we were staying the first night…

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What the hotel really looks like…

Our hosts forthe rest of the week : 

Our hosts forthe rest of the week Joseph, Tengay, Francine, Michael, Bapu, Cornelius

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The neighborhood

Football : 


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ltin can cars!

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Chapter 2 the reason we’re here

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h Liberia

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Hope International School i

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Hope International School i

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Hope International School i

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Hope International School i

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The school campus

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This is Eric. He’s in 9th grade, and hopes we’ll offer 10th grade next year. He wants to be a doctor. m

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This is Jeanette – she’s in charge of the kindergarten – we got to visit her home. d

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Can you find the white guy?

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Chapter 3 what we’ve accomplished

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Created a partnership with Joseph Joseph’s wife, dTengay

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Leased & Refurbished several buildings

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Provided an education for 800 children who wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to attend school

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Employed 28 amazing people

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Built a fence h Constructed a reservoir

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Hired a nurse

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Chapter 4 the things that still need doing “in Liberia, everything is a priority. So we’re prioritizing the priorities” - Liberian information minister


OUR BIGGEST NEED RIGHT NOW Monthly support for the current kids, teachers and facilities (and pay all the teachers a living wage)

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Add a 10th grade then an 11th grade… then a 12th grade

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Construct new bathrooms You really don’t want to look in here a

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Well, if you insist…. Girls’ bathroom

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Get medications

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Turn this area into a library, computer lab, supply room, Clinic/medicine storage

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Feed the children

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Get a vehicle for Joseph

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Chapter 5 the further adventures of Jeff, Ron and Mike

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Michael i i Bapu

Slide 62: 

American flag f Liberian flag i

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Joseph’s office

Slide 65: 

Joseph’s records

Slide 68: 


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Sunday church Pastor Joseph Pastor Joseph’s grandson

Slide 74: 

Rice distribution night

Slide 75: 

Ron importing some western culture

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Liberia 2010

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