Digital Signature Certificate is a Disaster- Ways to defeat it.


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Here in this blog forum, I am going to confer about the need for shifting from manual signature to digital signature through digital signature certificate.


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Digital Signature Certificate is a Disaster- Ways to defeat it. :

Digital Signature Certificate is a Disaster- Ways to defeat it. EARNLOGIC

Just know what is a Digital signature :

Just know what is a Digital signature In the present digital era, the necessity and urge for Digital Signature certificate registration increases tremendously. A digital signature is a mathematical approach which is used to legalize the legitimacy and integrity of the memorandum or confidential documents. E-Signature is a patent for the originality authentication. During document signing, you need to check the accuracy of the given information, agreement of terms and conditions and the authorship of the document which is to be claimed.

Working Methodology of Digital Signature :

Working Methodology of Digital Signature When you insert the digital signature on an electronic form of document, the software produces a large number called hash value which acts as an unique thumb print of the document. The generated hash value gets encrypted and embeds with the digital signature in the document. You can send the digitally signed document to anyone which includes a key and decodes the hash value in the recipient's PC . Authentication of the digital signature and confirmation of non alteration in document can be achieved through this digital signature certificate registration. The sender generates two keys, public key and private key. He/she sends the public key to the receiver and keeps the private key with them self.

Is Digital Signature different from Electronic Signature? :

Is Digital Signature different from Electronic Signature? A digital signature is a type of electronic signature but of distinct type. Whereas digital signature is a secured tamper evident that encrypts the document and the information is embedded permanently. If a user tries to make any alteration in the document, then the digital signature will be invalidated.

Main Features of your digital signature services:

M ain Features of your digital signature services all signers must have the access to the document signers identity should be proven the confidential documents must have security to fight against tampering the actions that are taken must be documented in audit trail.

What is Audit Trail? :

What is Audit Trail? The term audit trail is a process that is used by most of the E - signature companies to track and monitor the steps involved in signature process. The audit trail is also known as audit log or total audit. It is a powerful tool that proves who and when the document has been signed. Some of the events that are tracked by total audit are user authentication, downloaded documents after signing, transaction creation, change of party information, documents viewed and signature creation by each signer.

Personal Information Security in DSC :

Personal Information Security in DSC We constantly started hearing the word data breach which increases the threat. By the help of digital signature service, the clients data can be secured against fraudulent actions via identity authentication. This should encrypt both the documents that are at transit and rest. Follow the options that are available to deliver the performance of DSC into your prestigious organizations.

DSC Protection against Tampering :

DSC Protection against Tampering Tampering is a criminal offence which includes fines and prison. Some tips to prevent from tampering are, providing instant feedback within each and every document and securing tamper evidence into action.

Tamper evidence:

Tamper evidence The change in any segment of the document, either it may be deleting a space or simply making a word capitalized- the complete record maintenance with proof refers to tamper evidence. Unauthorized interfering in some others document to cause damage or creating illegal alterations refers to tampering. A qualified DS vendor provides DSC with tamper protection.

Category of Digital signature :

Category of Digital signature 1) Class 1 Digital Signature: This certificate are used by individuals or private subscribers since they are highly assured certificates which are used primarily for e- commerce applications. 2) Class 2 Digital Signature: To incorporate a company or LLP, to obtain DIN or DPIN, for e- tendering, PF, ROC and GST the class 2 digital signature is used. Class 2 sign and encryption DSC are most commonly used in filing Income tax VAT and Register of Companies. Encryption documents secures the confidential documents until it reaches the intended receiver.

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3) Class 3 Digital Signature: For online procurement process which involves high financial values end e tendering uses the class 3 digital signature. It comes in the form of USB e- token where DS certificate is stored in USB drive and accessed through PC. The encrypted DSC can be issued to any authorized person of the organization through an authorization letter. 4) DGFT Digital Signature: The term DGFT stands for Directorate General of Foreign Trade DSC is to sign any documents digitally in electronic format or for transactions being performed through web browser. Usually, the Exporters and Importers community (EXIM) registers with DGFT DSC in India.

Leverages of holding a Digital Signature :

Leverages of holding a Digital Signature Data security/ Integrity Authenticity and High Standard Uprightness and Non repudiation Cost effectiveness and independent verification Global acceptance and legal compliance Efficiency and Compatibility Long term access and retention Improve Digital workflow and saves time Prevents the falsification of message

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"The Digital Signature platform authorizes a trustworthy process for binding the identity of an individual in this digital world which is crucially important. Using digital signature can save Billions."

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" No system is 100% hack proof in this era; only safe guards can be placed to prot ect from hackers !“ " The technology should answer the user's question clearly and helps the client to proceed confidently in their business!"


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