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Guided Notes-Baseball Unit :

Guided Notes-Baseball Unit Baseball was invented in _____,by ____________ while in his backyard in New York, NY. Baseball is known for being America’s _________. A ________ in baseball is when a batter hits a fair ball and scores on the play without being put out or without benefit of an error. In 1887, Softball was invented in Chicago, Illinois by _______________ .

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The _____________ involves a backward forward swing of the hand to release the ball or object. __________, __________, and _________ are the type of throws used in baseball or softball. The benefits of throwing underarm are that it improves throwing accuracy at shorter distances. The ________ in baseball throws the ball for the batter to try to hit.

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Describe how to catch a baseball- Position your feet ________ apart. Squeeze hands when ball reaches the _______ of hand. Name two home-run hitters from the lecture:

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