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Challenge : 

Challenge Develop environmentally friendly direct replacement, hydraulic fluids and lubricants. Direct replacement means materials that will: meet the physical property requirements of existing fluids meet in-service performance requirements meet materials compatibility requirements. We would like our materials to meet existing military or industry specifications

Solution : 

Solution Develop environmentally friendly alternatives that address critical design elements, without the use of heavy metals or toxic chemicals, using materials that biodegrade into totally benign elements: non-metallic salts and synergistic additives avoid petroleum/mineral based fluids controlled biodegradation into H2O, CO2, energy.

How do we do this? : 

How do we do this? Well defined technical program: identify needs, evaluate existing fluids select candidate alternative materials develop testing and evaluation program lab-scale experiments small-scale testing in-service testing and evaluation conduct iterative formulation, testing, and optimization program

Typical Program Results : 

Typical Program Results Commercially available materials identified that meet program needs product commercialization route in place New formulations developed using a blend of commercially available materials may work with major component supplier to commercialize technology toll manufacturing/industry partnerships New chemistries/formulations developed major component supplier/licensing

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