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Applying KMC for preterms.


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KMC : 

KMC Kangaroo Mother Care BY ROSEMARY PALMER RN, RM, BSc Hons (Sport Science & Administration) ADM Part of Diploma in Advanced Midwifery & Neonatology

HOW? : 

HOW? Preterm/ LBW Stable condition Mother counselled & educated re KMC Skin to skin contact –except nappy, hat, socks. 12-24 hrs a day except when mum is showering/ toilet Dad can KMC too Upright position between breasts


BABY NEEDS Warmth- met by body contact so no need to use up fuel to make heat. Can hear mum heart beat –same as in utero so relaxes & its HR stable Stimulation – feeling, talking to baby, moving. Safety Feeding on demand better controlled Can continue until baby gest. Age 37/40 but it will tell mum when to stop –restless etc.


MOTHERS NEEDS Not expensive – to need for cot/ pram etc Peace of mind –baby close to be observed Can be shared with other caregiver. Mum participating in baby’s care BONDING Simple to travel with if necessary Mothers get to know pre-feeding behaviour


INSTITUTIONAL NEEDS Saves incubator costs Saves staff costs Saves sick baby costs – less infection problems Hospitalisation time proved to be reduced. Saves babies lives. Can discharge baby at lower weight if successfully KMC’d.

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