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Process of Counselling : 

Process of Counselling Preparation

Four ingredients of a counseling session : 

Four ingredients of a counseling session A healthy counselor-client relationship “Am I ready to attend to the client?” A therapeutic setting “Is the place comfortable?” A belief system “How am I going to deal with him?” A “healing ritual” The therapeutic process itself

Getting Started3 Rules of the Road : 

Getting Started3 Rules of the Road Centering Yourself- Am I ready for this? Follow Client’s Lead- What brought you here? Be yourself- Communicate naturally

Gathering Information : 

Gathering Information Statistical Data Complaint Physical health

Diagnostic Feedback : 

Diagnostic Feedback Summarize what you have heard from client A way to show him that you were listening Consider what will happen next How often does he have to see me?

Ending the Session : 

Ending the Session “I really want to hear what you are saying so let me pick up the next time we meet.”

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