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Point of View : 

Point of View Point of View (often abbreviated “POV”) refers to who is telling the story. There are three different points of view used in fiction writing. First Person Third Person Limited Third Person Omniscient

First Person POV : 

First Person POV This is when someone in the story is telling it. It could be the main character or a minor character who is just watching what is happening. The big clue as to whether you are reading a story in the first person is the word “I.” (“I went over to the door” or “I saw that she was crying.”)

First Person POV : 

First Person POV The reader only knows what the narrator does. If you play video games, think of “first person shooter” games. Just like a first person game, you are seeing through the eyes of a character in the story.

Third Person Limited : 

Third Person Limited The narrator is not in the story, but he only follows one character around. If that character doesn’t know something, the reader doesn’t either. If you’ve watched MTV Cribs, think of the camera following the owner of the crib around. The cameraman goes where he goes.

Third Person Omniscient : 

Third Person Omniscient This is a narrator that is not in the story but can follow any character around. It can jump from the main character to a minor one and back again. The reader knows anything the narrator wants to reveal. Omniscient means “all knowing” (like Santa Claus).

Which is used when? : 

Which is used when? Writers don’t pick the POV by chance. They select it specifically to help tell the story in the best way. When reading a story, think of the POV that’s being used and try to come up with the reason that the author chose it.

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