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A Short Introduction to Paul's World, Paul, and the City of Philippi


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Section 1: Introduction:

Section 1: Introduction Paul in the World of Philippi

Introducing Paul’s World :

Introducing Paul’s World Israelite Tradition The Diaspora Experience Hellenistic Lands and Cities

Israelite Traditions :

Israelite Traditions The God of Creation Exodus and Land Shalom Under God’s Rule

The Diaspora Experience:

The Diaspora Experience More Fluid Boundaries Guarding the Traditions Adaptive Contextualization

Hellenistic Lands and Cities:

Hellenistic Lands and Cities Under the Roman Empire Greco-Roman Religions Hellenistic Philosophy and Rhetoric

Introducing Paul:

Introducing Paul The “Caps” of Paul The Call/Conversion of Paul The “Lowering” of Paul

The “Caps” of Paul:

The “Caps” of Paul Paul the Jewish Apocalypticist Paul the Letter-Writer Paul the Moralist Paul the Rhetorician Paul the Performer

The Call/Conversion of Paul:

The Call/Conversion of Paul What’s in a “Call”? What’s in a “Conversion” Autobiographical Accounts Galatians 1-2 Philippians 3 2 Corinthians 11

The “Lowering” of Paul :

The “Lowering” of Paul The New Believing Family The Model of Jesus’ Faithfulness Paul’s Imitation of Jesus – and Call for Imitation by Believers

Introducing Philippi:

Introducing Philippi Founding of the City The Populace “Little Rome”

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