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Audiovisual Basics Chapter 11:

Audiovisual Basics Chapter 11 Galveston College EMS EMS Instructor Development 2009


2 / 14 Topics Using AV Material Equipment Audio Visual Computer-Based Emerging Technology

What is Audiovisual?:

3 / 14 What is Audiovisual? Working with both sound and visual components Use of both sound and visual components Production of both sound and visual components The equipment used for both sound and visual components

Using Audiovisual Materials:

4 / 14 Using Audiovisual Materials Must meet criteria of objectives Must provide positive learning experience Must fit within allotted time Must be visible to all students Must be cost-effective Must be available


5 / 14 Equipment Audio Visual Aids Computer-based Equipment Accessory Devices


6 / 14 Audio Cassette tapes CDs Podcasts Radio VCR

Visual Aids:

7 / 14 Visual Aids Blackboard/White Board (Dry Erase) Flip Chart Models/Manikins Projectors Slide LCD

Computer-based Equipment:

8 / 14 Computer-based Equipment Computer Presentations Internet Telecommunications


9 / 14 Presentations Using PowerPoint® Less is more Use for notes/reminders 6 x 6 Rule No more than 6 lines No more than 6 words per line Use graphics that are appropriate but sparingly Use video that is appropriate but sparingly


10 / 14 Internet YouTube TeacherTube Blogs Learning Management Systems WebCT/Blackboard Course Compass Angel Moodle Desire2Learn


11 / 14 Telecommunications Two-way video conferencing Video based learning

Accessory Devices:

12 / 14 Accessory Devices Laser Pointers ELMO

Emerging Technology:

13 / 14 Emerging Technology Clickers iPods


14 / 14 Conclusion As educators we must challenge students As educators we must relate to students As educators we must teach to all learning styles and learning theories As educators we must capture our student’s attention

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