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Legal Issues for the EducatorChapter 10 : 

Legal Issues for the EducatorChapter 10 Galveston College EMS EMS Instructor Development 2009

Topics : 

Topics American Legal System EMS Educational Standards Curriculum Issues Student Issues Grievance Policies Safe Educational Environments Confidentiality Legal Research

American Legal System : 

American Legal System Hierarchy of Laws Areas of Law Tort Law Federal Nondiscrimination

Hierarchy of Laws : 

Hierarchy of Laws Three branches of government Legislative Executive Judicial Four sources of law: Constitutions (Federal and State) Statues, Ordinances, or Resolutions Regulations Common law

Tort Law : 

Tort Law Assault & Battery Defamation Misrepresentation Negligence In loco parentis Risk management Assumption of risk Release of risk Contributory negligence

Methods of Risk Management : 

Methods of Risk Management Student supervision Protocols Site selection Affiliation agreements

Affiliation Agreements : 

Affiliation Agreements Headings Dates Objectives Student-employee relationship Liability expectations Mutual obligations Key contacts Signatures

Federal Nondiscrimination : 

Federal Nondiscrimination Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990 Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 Title IX of Education Amendments Act of 1972

EMS Educational Standards : 

EMS Educational Standards NEMSES NAEMSE CoAEMSP

Curriculum Issues : 

Curriculum Issues Based on Federal statutes Based on State Issues Based on Accreditation standards (CoAEMSP) DOT

Student Issues : 

Student Issues Institutional relationships Handbook policies/Catalog Enrollment Dismissal Health Policies Academic integrity Discipline Appearance Academic Dishonesty

Grievance Policies : 

Grievance Policies Students Faculty

Safe Educational Environments : 

Safe Educational Environments School Violence Safe & Drug Fee Gun-Free Schools Jeanne Cleary Act OSHA

Confidentiality : 

Confidentiality FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


FERPA Guidelines Education Records Disclosure Legitimate educational interest Challenges to education records


HIPPA Purpose Oversight Public trust Patient rights Notice of privacy practices

Legal Research : 

Legal Research Copyright Protection Legal Resources Understanding legal documents

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Legal issues affect EMS daily Understanding statutes, rules, and regulations important for educators Standards in place for a reason

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