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EMS Educator Roles & ResponsibilitiesChapter 2 : 

EMS Educator Roles & ResponsibilitiesChapter 2 Rory Prue 2009

Topics : 

Topics Responsibilities of Instructors Student Expectations of Educators Educator Responsibilities Student Issues Common Role Adjustments

Responsibility of Primary Instructor : 

Responsibility of Primary Instructor Leadership over courses Documentation Student progress Student feedback Course coordination Department policies & procedures Discipline Remedial instruction

Leadership : 

Leadership Ensure validity of curricula Create and monitor learning outcomes Schedule courses

Documentation : 

Documentation Student progress & feedback Grades Surveys Provide feedback to students

Course Coordination : 

Course Coordination Applying to state for courses Scheduling courses Coordinating instructors Coordinating clinicals Develop course content

Policies & Procedures : 

Policies & Procedures Syllabi Student selection & screening Discipline policies Evaluation of outcomes

Discipline : 

Discipline Identify discipline problems Establish discipline procedures Coordinate with medical director Resolve problems

Remedial Instruction : 

Remedial Instruction Identify causes of problems Develop plans to correct problems Provide remediation to students

Responsibility of Secondary Instructors : 

Responsibility of Secondary Instructors Provide instruction to students Support primary instructors Some secondary instructors may share some of the primary instructor’s responsibilities

Student Expectations : 

Student Expectations Professionalism Competence Investment in student success

Professionalism : 

Professionalism Stoic demeanor Pleasant and friendly Positive attitude Welcoming Appropriate appearance & conduct

Competence : 

Competence Clearly communicate content & ideas Explain complex and difficult concepts in a way that students understand Make content memorable

Investment in student success : 

Investment in student success Positive attitude Encouraging Always teaching

Educator Responsibilities : 

Educator Responsibilities Prepare for class Teaching in class Administrative Tasks & Duties

Preparing for class : 

Preparing for class Prepare in advance & practice Develop adjunct materials that stimulate Order and operate equipment Develop class materials and handouts Participate in professional activities

Teaching the class : 

Teaching the class Organize and lead discussions Explain lab procedures & assignments Make & grade tests Review for tests Evaluate student performance Use feedback to improve Teach procedures

Administrative Tasks & Duties : 

Administrative Tasks & Duties Hold Instructor meetings Develop a budget Evaluate personnel Maintain records & reports Attend committee meetings Attend advisory committee meetings Participate in state & local rule-making Maintain clinical expertise

Student Issues : 

Student Issues Holding conferences Referring students Motivating students Writing letters of reference Counseling students Advising students Tutoring students Encouraging class groups Clarifying issues, beliefs, & problems

Common Role Adjustments : 

Common Role Adjustments Handle teaching load Continue growth Commit to scholarly excellence Experience versus authority Expectations versus discipline Knowledge versus insignia Goals

Handling the teaching load : 

Handling the teaching load Must balance teaching and other duties Must balance professional and personal life Must keep clinical skills sharp

Experience versus Authority : 

Experience versus Authority Experienced teachers easily command authority New teachers must earn respect and credibility Have thorough knowledge of subjects Prepare and practice lessons

Expectations versus Discipline : 

Expectations versus Discipline Inspire students to follow Set high professional and academic expectations Avoid unnecessary discipline

Knowledge versus Insignia : 

Knowledge versus Insignia Rank or title does not make up for knowledge Its okay not to know all the answers Be honest and get back with students when they ask question you do not know the answer to

Goals : 

Goals Set goals for each class What worked in one class may not work for another Evaluate those goals

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Instructors should be well rounded Have a firm grasp and knowledge of all subject matter Be comfortable in front of class Be balanced

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